Maura Higgins Is “Coachella Dreaming”

Everyone is dealing with quarantine in their own ways. Some are enjoying the stay-in days, and some are pretty much nostalgic for the days when they could go wherever they wanted.

The 28-year-old model, Maura Higgins, is spending her self-isolation daydreaming of fun and enjoyable events from the past. She posted a throwback video on her Instagram profile, captioning it with: “Coachella dreaming.”

The video takes her back to the fun Coachella days from last year, where she looks completely unrecognizable, wearing a pink wig and sizzling in a white leather bikini. At the same time, in the background, you can hear Ariana’s “7 Rings.”


Coachella for this year is postponed until October due to Coronavirus lockdowns. Maura looked incredibly appealing in her shiny ensemble last year and marking the moment with a few juicy snaps. No doubt she is going to blow everyone away with her next Coachella outfit.

Image source: Instagram

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Image source: Instagram

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Image source: Instagram

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Image source: Instagram
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