Lewis Capaldi Is Not Impressed by This Comparison

The 23-year-old hitmaker, Lewis Capaldi, is lately feeling insulted because he gets compared to UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, on a daily basis.

He has an opinion that they cannot look alike, mainly because of the 33-year age gap.

Boris Johnson has, sadly, recently been diagnosed with the Coronavirus, but is feeling okay, as he isolates to prevent the spread of the virus.

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Image source: pantagraph.com, wikipedia.org

“I’m not considering putting myself forward for Prime Minister although people say I look like a Boris Johnson, which by the way, is not a nice thing to see about yourself,” Capaldi shared with his fans on Facebook.

“Thanks for it, though it makes me feel bad. Not because he’s an ugly chap. Just cause he’s in his forties maybe fifties and I’m 23,” he added.

While talking about the thing that is getting on his nerves, Lewis was sipping on a glass of red wine, and he also revealed with whom he would like to spend the quarantine days.

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“I’d like to be with someone who is a good laugh. It would probably be a comedian, wouldn’t it? No, it would be a chef – Gordon Ramsay. He’s quite funny and can also cook,” Lewis told honestly.

He is not happy about the self-isolation situation as he admitted: “It’s so hard to write anything cause all I’m doing is sitting in my house watching TV, my mum showing me memes and my dad panic stations at all times.”

Image source: dailymail.co.uk

See how Lewis spent his days before Coronavirus lockdowns in his few recent posts.




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