Paul Walker’s Daughter Shares a Throwback Video of Her Late Father

The never forgotten American actor, Paul Walker, who passed away almost seven years ago, is remembered every day by his family, friends, and fans through all these years. His daughter, Meadow Walker, posts some of their throwback snaps from time to time, to remind all her followers about this tragic loss.

Image source: Instagram

She recently posted a never before seen video that she “never thought she would share.”

In the video, it can clearly be seen the amount of love that they have for each other, the happiness and joy, even though Meadow scared Paul in the beginning, surprising him on his birthday. He then jumped on the bed, trying to realize what is happening, as Meadow fell into his arms, which led to a big hug.

She captioned the loving video with: “I never thought I’dI’d share this. But it felt right. Be good. I love you. Stay safe.”


Meadow is successfully celebrating Paul Walker’s name trough the “Paul Walker Foundation” and is currently “teaming up with the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank to provide meals to children during the COVID-19 crisis.”

They had a special father-daughter bond. Check out some of their heartwarming snaps.




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