Hailey Bieber Reveals Her Simplistic Skincare Routine

Whenever we see Hailey Bieber, she always has flawless skin, and she finally revealed all her secrets of her skincare routine. The key is to make it simple but effective.

On a YouTube live with Dr. Barbara Sturm, who is a celebrity beauty expert, Hailey said: “Last week, I answered a lot of questions and people were telling me about all their skin concerns, ingredients they really liked, they don’t like, and I just wanted to open a bigger conversation.” And then revealed a few steps to gorgeous glowing skin.

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1. Clean Skin

She thinks that one of the most important things is to clean your face before going to bed, saying: “Something that’s always been really vital for me is I never, ever sleep with makeup on. I know a lot of people forget, they fall asleep with their makeup on. But let me just say this, even at my drunkest, I never fell asleep with makeup on my face. That is a true fact.”

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2. Sleep

“I think that sleep is so important for the skin. Sleep and rest is so important for our overall health and I that when I’m not getting enough sleep….that’s when I start to see my skin get broken out a little bit or really dry,” she continued.

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3. Don’t Exaggerate

Mrs. Bieber also had to say something about using too many products: “For me, I am somebody who doesn’t like a lot of steps… because I think it’s a: unnecessary and b: I just don’t have the time for that, to be honest.”

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4. Make It Simple

Hailey then revealed what products she uses as she prepares for bed: “For me, it’s usually cleansing the skin—washing my face. Putting on a serum, putting on a moisturizer…. sometimes I’ll do a face mask.”

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5. Mornings

“In the morning, I pretty much shower first thing in the day. I wash my face in the shower, and then I apply my products as soon as I get out of the shower. If I’m just getting out of the shower, I actually leave my face a little bit wet to apply the products,” she added.

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6. Be Gentle

The 23-year-old thinks that you should not use rough products on your skin, explaining: “If I’m being honest, there’s times where I forget to exfoliate. But I’ve never been a person who has liked using exfoliants that are those really sharp beads or those really scrubby exfoliants.”

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“I always avoid fragrance, I found it’s been the biggest irritant for me in anything really,” she pointed out at the end.

You can watch her whole speech on skincare in the following video.

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