Noah Cyrus Admits She Was Tired of Being Called “Hannah Montana’s Sister”

Growing up in a famous family can sometimes be harder than many can imagine. In her recent interview for tmrw magazine, Noah Cyrus decided to share her experience as someone who has famous family members and revealed how does she felt when she was younger.

Noah admits that she felt bullied by people on the internet, because everyone called her “Hannah Montana’s sister,” or referring to her as Miley’s little sibling.

She also confessed that she used to “hide from the world,” by locking herself up in her room and spending all her time alone in the dark.

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“Being in my room with the lights off, hiding from the world, that’s not a way to live for such a young girl,” Noah shared her opinion.

“So, you know, whenever I think about how many other people are going through the same thing, especially at the age I was at, there are so many more people out there. I think that whenever I see other artists like myself speaking out and talking about it, it makes me really happy because I didn’t really have that when I was growing up,” she explained.

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The 20-year-old singer revealed that the hardest for her was the fact that no one called her by her name, and she always felt less important. She also has a dose of anger for those who behaved that way and then expressed her feelings with a strong language.

Noah said the following: “Somebody not even coming up to you and calling you by your name? That’s going to really f*** you up as a kid, make you feel like you don’t f***ing even matter to the population, for them to not even know your name.”

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Still, after going through all of that, she admits that she is extremely proud of carrying the Cyrus last name and that they all love and support each other, plus the family even has matching tattoos.

At the end of the topic, Noah wanted to clarify one thing: “I’ve always understood that I had a ‘powerful’ last name, or a well-known last name, so that’s not really what I wanted to be tied to. I always wanted to be tied to Noah.”

Image source: Instagram
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