How to Avoid the Most Dangerous Driving Habits

So how to increase the driver’s consciousness? In the following article, we cover how to avoid dangerous driving habits.

There are hundreds of thousands of traffic accidents occurring in a day. The main cause of today’s car accident is due to the subjective control of the driver’s vehicle. These dangerous driving habits are one of the causes of car accidents. So how to increase the driver’s consciousness? In the following article, we cover how to avoid dangerous driving habits.

Dangerous driving habits are often the bad habits of the driver. Due to the subjectivity of the driver leads to traffic accidents. Thus, paying attention to driving habits is necessary. It will help you cut the number of unfortunate accidents.

Habits of controlling traffic after using stimulants

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The stimulants I mean here are very diverse. They are alcohol or other harmful substances such as drugs or need. Most men often have a habit of drinking. But, after drinking, they drove. This is a dangerous habit.

When you use alcohol, traffic control will become dangerous. At that time the mind is not alert enough to drive. Although many laws ban driving after drinking alcohol, many people ignore it. Up to 70% of car accidents related to alcohol. We do not prohibit you from drinking and playing with friends. But after drinking, hire a taxi to go home.

Besides, today there are many rental driver services. Let me explain a bit about this service. This service is very popular in Europe, the USA, Japan, Korea and China. There will be companies that provide such services. Employees in this company are usually good drivers and have time at night.

Most people go out drinking in the evenings and hire drivers. The driver will come to the designated location and drive the owner home. This is a pretty good and useful service. So, you can drink with friends. You will not need to worry about your car and go home.

Use the phone while driving

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While driving, you receive an incoming call or message. A lot of people have a habit of catching up immediately. They even gossip while driving. This is a dangerous habit. When talking on the phone too, you will no longer pay attention to driving. Things will get worse when you encounter unexpected situations. You will not be able to control the situation in time.

You should not use the phone while driving. But, if it is a necessary call, use a headset. A lot of cars now have built-in phone calls while driving. This is a very good function to help you listen to the phone while distracting while driving. Also, set up quick reply messages. Inform the other person that you are driving on the road and call back later. Thus, while being polite, driving.

If in an emergency, you should park your car by the roadside and pick up the phone. It is not unreasonable for me to recommend that. If you drive while taking the phone, it is very dangerous. But it is even more dangerous when you receive bad news. You may not be able to keep calm to drive. So, if the phone call is too important, park your car and pick it up.

Not obeying traffic laws

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Before having a driver’s license, everyone had to study road traffic laws. This is a mandatory condition if you want a driver’s license. The laws we learn are all necessary when driving on the road. But many people are subjective and ignore it. They do not focus on the rules.

Drivers often focus on their driving habits instead of rules. They are often wrong. For example, passing a red light or making a wrong turn. Each traffic law issued for traffic safety reasons. The government will not make redundant laws when it is not needed. Thus, every time you break a traffic law, you come closer to the danger.

Some habits violate traffic laws such as not traveling in the right lane or not wearing a seatbelt. You will not know how dangerous it is until the accident. The lanes are for different vehicles. Car and motorbike lanes are separate from each other. Without the lanes, it’s easy to get into a motorbike and car accident. Seat belts help protect you when an accident occurs. It prevents you from banging against the glass door leading to injury.

Please obey the traffic rules because it is necessary for the safety of you and others. The rules experienced after a long time. It is under the careful consideration of experienced people.

Driving in bad weather

Source: CHADD

Driving in bad weather is inevitable, so when driving in inclement weather such as sleet, snow … make sure your tires have adequate traction, and it’s best to use snow tires in the winter. One of the easiest ways to stay safe in bad weather is to just ride slowly.

When the tire breaks down, replace them as soon as possible to ensure your safety. You can visit if you want to shop for new tires. Also, make sure to check the tire size before purchasing a new tire.

Some other dangerous driving habits

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You usually turn on the headlights when not needed. This is also a bad habit. You must know the road, the headlights have very strong light intensity. If you are driving and looking into the headlights, your eyes will be blind in a while. This is a very dangerous thing to drive. Thus, to protect other drivers, turn on your headlights on highways and after leaving the city.

Also, if you are in the habit of not keeping your distance from other vehicles, immediately leave. Keeping a habit of traffic on the road gives you enough time to handle if a bad situation occurs. If the distance is too close, someone else’s car accident will affect you. Thus, to protect yourself, keep your distance.

Another extremely dangerous habit is to drive in the opposite direction. There are a number of roads that make you go further. At that time, you choose to drive in the opposite direction to save time. However, the risk of causing traffic accidents is extremely high. Do not regret the few minutes you have to go, but for a traffic accident to happen. Quick one second does not affect you at all. Please obey the traffic laws.


There are many people with dangerous driving habits. When reading this article, check yourself. If you have one of these habits, don’t hesitate to follow our way to cut that bad habit. If you have a way to get rid of bad habits, leave a comment. Stay tuned, we will comeback with a lot of articles.

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