4 Important Innovations in Printing Technology in Recent Years

It is not a secret that we live in a world of modern technology. Young people of today can’t even imagine how lucky they are. The technology has made progress that made the lives of people a lot easier. For example, Internet technology has developed a lot in recent years. People can now contact their friends in the other part of the globe with only a couple of clicks. The only requirement to do that is to have a stable Wi-Fi connection and a computer/smartphone device. As you know, it is hard to find a family that doesn’t have at least 1 smart device in the house.

Anyway, the development of technology also changed the business world of today. Entrepreneurs from all parts of the world had to adapt to the current situation. Doing business without modern technology is not possible. Even if you try to do a silly thing like that, you won’t have the chance to survive on the market. Your competitors will always be minimally 1 step ahead of you.

These changes have influenced every business field. The innovations haven’t skipped the printing companies as well. They had to improve the equipment they use to survive on the market. In this way, they ensured to meet the requirements of people.

Still, do all the people know which important innovations were made in printing technology in recent years? Well, this might be a problem. People are not even aware of the services that they can get. Because of that, it would be good for you to find out more about them.

Let’s find them out together.

1. 3D Printing

Source: AMFG

Well, this might be the most popular innovation among people. 3D printing is a type of printing that provides an opportunity to people to manufacture more effectively. However, they will have the assistance of computer-aided design or 3D scanning technology.

There are many reasons why businesses decided on this innovation. First of all, it can offer many things that the traditional method of manufactures can’t achieve. For instance, companies with modern printing technology can reach levels of customization and complexity. This can’t be reached without the technology that people are using today.

Despite that, the money-saving is one more benefit that manufacturers can get. More precisely, this type of printing does not require any tools. This means that this method is very material-efficient. In other words, people/companies that develop their own products will enjoy less wastage or capital and resources.

2. Conductive Inks

Source: Old City Station Pub

This innovation already brought some benefits to manufacturing businesses. However, the main changes are something that we expect in the future. It might happen that conductive inks will change the complete future of this industry.

You are probably asking why these inks are so special. First of all, they contain conductive materials like conductive polymers and silver nanoparticles. These materials allow printers to conduct electricity. It doesn’t matter which material is substrate surface made of. For example, it can be made of paper or plastic; this is irrelevant. When you apply this type of ink, it creates circuits that transmit the electricity.

There is one thing that will cause smiles on people’s faces. The ink affords the same kind of capacitive sensing technology that you can find in modern devices. This includes devices like tables, touchscreen displays, and smartphones.

Yet, you probably understand why we still haven’t used all the benefits of this technology. The entire world will need time to adapt to it. Imagine that you can play sounds with only touching a paper? Additionally, imagine that you can connect to a phone app by interacting with a poster. This seems like a technology that we only have seen in movies and cartoons. Still, science doesn’t have limits.

4. Ultraviolet radiation-curable Inks

Source: Theta Graphics and Print

Believe it not, radiation-curable inks were primarily developed in the 1960s. However, the purpose of their usage was different then. Today, companies from packaging, printing, and manufacturing industries are mostly using them. Thanks to ultraviolet radiation, these inks can create a photochemical reaction. This reaction leads to faster ink drying which is an important thing for many businesses.

The high-speed process is not the only reason why businesses started to use this technology in recent years. The good thing is that the technology itself does not involve the usage of solvents and high temperatures. Finally, their reliance on polymerization makes this type of inks more environment-friendly. There are two reasons for that. They are producing fewer pollutant emissions and less energy is used in processes comparing to the traditional inks.

5. Biodegradable Printer Inks  

Source: Ink World Magazine

Well, just like the previous type of inks, this one also has a long history. It was developed in 1973 for the first time. This happened during the Arab Oil Embargo crisis. The industry leaders of that time were trying to fix things to thwart the devastating effects of that embargo. The price of mineral oil at that time could completely ruin the printing sector.

Anyway, the first thing that we need to say about this ink is that it doesn’t contain non-edible vegetable oil. People that are not familiar with chemistry won’t understand how this is important for society. Because of this feature, the ink emits less potentially harmful chemicals. This includes chemicals like volatile organic compounds that can have a negative long-term effect on people’s health.

There are two more reasons why this type of ink is good. It is easy to decompose when you compare it to conventional inks. Because of that, they cause less pollution. Despite that, the process of removing ink from the paper during the recycling process is not complex at all.

Conclusion: Should I Use These Innovations?

Well, after you read all the benefits that you can get, why shouldn’t you use them? Printers with modern innovations won’t just bring benefits to your business; they will protect you and your environment from all the dangerous chemicals. Logically, you will have to find a reliable supplier that will provide your high-quality printers. Fortunately, there are a lot of them like Printermaxx that will offer you highly-quality products. We recommend you visit their website and see which options you have.

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