Dwayne Johnson Admits Quarantine Positively Affected His Marriage

Dwayne Johnson, also knowns as “The Rock,” revealed in a recent video that the quarantine had a “very positive effect” on relationships with the household members.

The video was initially made as a Q & A where people asked Dwayne about how he is doing with his wife in self-isolation, and as one asked: “how do I keep this s**t going?”

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He started his 8-minute long video with: “A wife had me asked how has the quarantine impacted by marriage in a positive way and from the husband, he said, ‘Rock, I got married around the same time you did last August, how do I keep this s**t going, I need help.'”

“Well, Dr. Johnson is here to help you, since I have a degree in experience certainly not my doctorate,” he joked.

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“I have found that the quarantine has had a very positive effect on my relationship and my marriage, certainly with my relationship with my daughters …. but it’s also had a really positive effect on my relationship with my wife,” the famous actor revealed.

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It may be all-loving and beautiful, but he admits it was hard at first.

“We get snippy with each other, we argue… I gotta be honest with you, you know when this thing first started, I was really wobbly at times. I was trying to get my sh-t together and try to understand it because I was trying to think ten steps ahead, what does the future look like…it’s a lot of pressure,” he confessed.

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After a long video and a lengthy caption, he wished everyone well, saying: “Stay healthy, my friends,” and signed the post with “Dr. Rock.”

See the whole video here:

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@laurenhashianofficial and I are doing our best during these stressful times. We realized kinda quickly how critical it was for us to be ultra considerate, caring and empathetic of one another. Be even better listeners. Even better communicators. Recognize that during these times, we’re not operating at full brain & emotional EQ capacity as we usually are. You’re gonna get snippy, short tempered and you guys may erupt at each other over some silly shit like we did. When that happens, grab your partner by the shoulders, like I grabbed Lauren. Look them directly in the eyes and say with full ? conviction, “baby, you’re not wrong…. you’re just not used to being right” and then count the seconds it takes for you both to belly laugh your assess off. Then sip some @teremana later that night and make some more babies. You’re welcome ?? Stay healthy, my friends. Dr. Rock

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