7 Things To Do If You Are Injured In An Uber Accident

Many people prefer using Uber instead of going in with their daily commute by their car or another way of transportation. This way of commuting is very popular due to the price since it is way cheaper to do it like this instead of using a cab or your car. Since humans are the ones driving the vehicles, there is always a possibility of car accidents. Since these things do happen it is good to know what you can do if you get injured in an accident while you are in Uber.

1. Take a good assessment of what happened

As we have said accident does happen, and if you get in one it is essential to stay calm and assess what has happened. If the accident is minor, see if the driver and whoever else was in the car are okay. In these cases, you can move and get out of the vehicle. If the accident was not so minor, be sure not to leave the vehicle and call the ambulance in order to be taken care of. In addition, if you can safely, check the condition of other passengers and the driver, so you can tell the ambulance the status of everyone in the car. This is essential to do in order to be safe.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

2. Call authorities

In many states the regulations are different, but in essence, if an accident occurs and it is not just a minor bump, authorities should be called in order to have a report of the accident and see into what has happened. When an accident occurs, see with the driver who will report the accident, and if the accident was severe, do it anyways since in this case, it is essential to be taken care of, and not only you but also all people who have been in the accident.

3. Collect Evidence

If you can collect evidence about the accident that has happened since you will need this once the police arrive; especially take footage of the vehicle that was hit or has hit you. This is important to do since it can happen that people just flee the crime scene, so having evidence is crucial. When it comes to other things, be sure to get screenshots of the Uber drive and conformations, hence you want to have evidence that you really were in the car when the accident occurred. This means that all emails connected to the drive and conformations should be saved as well. Look out for the cameras if the accident occurred in town since surveillance ones from the nearby buildings can get more sight into what has happened and help the authorities to see into whose fault the accident was.

Source: Business Insider

4. Stay put

Once an accident occurs it is essential to stay there and wait for the authorities to come. This means that ambulance and police need to be waited for in order to get help, and so the police can get a statement from you and others involved in the accident that has happened. Fleeing the scene can be problematic, and no one that has been a part of it should do it. In most states, this is considered a felony, especially if there are injured people on the scene. If you can, notify the ones that we involved in the accident not to go anywhere till the police and ambulance come to the site of the accident. It is essential to wait for the ambulance at least if there are injured people or if you are injured, and not to go to the hospital on your own. Due to the adrenalin, you may feel okay, but the severity of the injuries needs to be assessed by the professionals and you want to be in the best hands and taken care of if injured, no matter how good you feel or how much you think your injuries are not severe.

5. Witnesses are important

We cannot state enough how much the witnesses are important when it comes to car accidents; they are crucial in assessing who was the one that caused the accident. This may be important for the further development of the case and help you and the Uber driver to get the help that is needed. In most cases, witnesses will stay on the scene and wait for the authorities to come, and they will help the ones in need by giving them first aid if needed.

Source: St. Louis car accident attorney

6. Seek medical help if needed

As we have said, it is essential to seek medical help. This is important since if you are injured, and you want the insurance to repay you a specific amount of money, you will need a medical note of all the injuries. Not only this but in states of shock you may neglect some symptoms and the injuries you think that are not severe may turn out to be life-threatening; especially if there are some internal bleedings; hence seek for medical assistance.

7. Check the Uber policy

Last but not least is to get familiarized with the policy of Uber and see what can be done if the accident occurred and you are injured. In general, you are ensured while in the vehicle, and this can be cashed in and cover the medical bills. In addition to this, it all depends on who’s fault the accident was. It is not the same if the Uber diver was the one that caused the accident or a third party was reckless and ended up slamming into your car.

In any case, there are few things you can to in order to compensate for the injury, since there can be permanent damages of the body and impairments, medical bills and loss of paycheck if you need to go to the sick leave and recover, as well as physical therapy and medication; you will be contacted by the insurance company so you can make a deal.


If the deal is not by your preference, or you feel like you are tricked, you can always sue them.


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