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6 Tips for Designing Your First Mobile App in 2023

How many people do you know that are not using smartphones? Older people might not have them because they got used to living without modern technology. However, when you look closer, almost everyone you know is using a certain smartphone for different purposes. Some of them are using their device to chat with people, post photos on social media, etc. Others use it for work because it allows them to be more effective. For all these purposes, they are using certain apps. Because of that, being an app developer can be a tough thing.

Still, the majority of people tend to participate in the world of advanced technology. The number of programmers, UX/UI designers, and other similar professions is growing. It is a profitable industry that can truly bring you a good profit. But, we can’t say that success is guaranteed in this world. The competition is tough and you need to find a way to be better than others.

People that are making the first steps have different concerns. One of the things that bother them the most if how to design their first mobile app. The design is one of the crucial things that determine how successful your product will be. Because of that, it would be good to hear some tips for designing your first app. You do not have to apply them all, but it good to have certain directions.

Source: UX Planet

1. First of All, Include Your Imagination

Everything about app designs is connected with creativity. You do not need to show it only when you are designing the app. It is important to use it even before you start developing it.

Every designer should start with an idea and try to imagine how everything will look. Try to imagine the design of every single part of the design and how it will match the purpose of the app.

2. Do a Small Research

It doesn’t matter which purpose your app will have. There are surely thousands of them that have the same one as yours. Because of that, it would be clever to research the things that your competitors did. Do not try to copy them in any way. Their designs need to serve you only as an inspiration. Try to figure out why they choose certain designs. Despite that, see if there are some things that you do not like. It is better to see those tiny details on the apps on your competitors.

Source: CareerFoundry

3. Now, Choose the Colors, Size…

Okay, we now come to the main part. You need to match the colors and font styles with the purpose of the app. For instance, fonts are there to show the professionalism of the app. Despite that, the goal of picking the right font is to boost the readability of the app. You need to ensure that your first app does not have a hard time reading.

Some directions might help you with this. Is there something crucial or an important message that you would want to send? For something like that, it would be good to use bold fonts. However, if you tend to use a casual tone in your content, then cursive fonts would be a better choice.

The color of the background and different parts of the app are also important. For instance, there is a good reason why Facebook picked the blue and white color for their app. The blue is an association for trust. We recommend you do a research on which colors are suitable for sending different messages.

4. The App Must Be Responsive

You mustn’t forget that smartphones come in different sizes. More precisely, the size of their screen is different. The app itself needs to be responsive to different mobiles. For instance, the content that you create needs to be equally visible on every mobile phone that people exist.

You should divide the entire process into two different sections. At least, most designers make their responsiveness in that way. The first segment is Information Architecture, mostly known as IA. It is a task where you need to define the structure. The second stage of the process is even more important. You need to integrate advanced design elements. You are doing that to make enhance the user experience.

Source: NewGenApps

5. Choose the Right Format

All designers will tell you that clutter is the biggest enemy of good design. The proper format includes all the elements such as images, icons, and buttons. You should strive to place all those things in the right place. The visual confusion mustn’t exist.

There is one important thing that we need to say here. The beginners usually try to design their first app uniquely. However, it seems that they sometimes know how to overdo it. Because of that, their app becomes too complicated for the users. Every professional designer strives to make a simple and easy-to-read app.

The first impression of the user is crucial for the success of your app. If your app hurts his eyes, there is a big chance he would not continue researching it. He will immediately go out and delete it from his mobile. We assume this is not something you would want to happen.

Because of that, pick the format that is the most simple one!

6. Don’t Forget to Design Your Logo

Beginners should strive to improve their entrepreneurial spirit. We know that you are only making the first steps in this industry. However, you must understand the importance of branding. More precisely, you should strive to become recognizable among smartphone users.

Your logo should appear on the home screen of the user’s smartphone each time when he enters the app. In this way, he will remember what the logo is for. This is the best way to start the improvement of brand awareness.

Source: Cygnis Media


We know that designing your first app is a tough challenge. You will probably lose nerves many times until you get the final product. Being a good designer means that you are creative and willing to improve your knowledge daily. How you will find inspiration depends on you. Yet, education is everywhere around you thanks to the Internet. Some different websites/blogs can provide you with clear explanations. If you want to find out more about some effective app designing practices, we recommend you click here.

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