8 Things to Look Out For When Buying a New House

There’s always this thrill that fills you whenever you’re about to buy a new house, regardless of whether it’s your first time to own one or if you’re looking for a new house to move into. Unfortunately, as exciting as it gets, there are quite a few crucial points that can you can easily miss in the middle of all the excitement. After all, since you’ll be investing years of your life in this new home, you can never be too picky.

So, before you sign the contract of that awe-inspiring house, here are 8 things you should look out for.

1. The Walls

What’s the first thing that catches your attention when you enter a new property? The entrance? The big space? The smell of the house? Always keep in mind that, in order to sell any house, the sellers will always try to present whatever pleases the customer – especially if that means covering up the real issues. What we’re trying to say is that you should never be fooled by a new layer of paint or sparkling white walls. A fresh coat of paint is even more reason to check for any underlying issues, such as water damage, mold, or structural breaks.

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2. The Foundation

Speaking of structural issues, there are various issues you’ll want to look out for. Sometimes, you’ll find hairline cracks, but that may just indicate that the building has settled into position. That’s especially true in older buildings, which may actually indicate that it’s safer to inhabit. However, older buildings may have more serious infrastructure issues, such as tilting floors or serious cracks. In such cases, a building inspection should clarify the state of the foundation.

3. The Plumbing System

There’s another issue that’s usually hidden from the naked eye, but will cost you dearly if overlooked – and that’s the state of the plumbing system. You most certainly don’t want to buy a new house only to start suffering from water leaks, clogged pipes, and spreading mold. You can check the state of the pipes quickly by taking a closer look under the sink in the kitchen and toilets. However, if you click here, you’ll realize that it does not substitute a professional’s insight. Getting a professional to inspect the plumbing system will give you a clear idea about the current issues and the way to fix them, which will greatly influence your buying decision.

Source: Washington Post

4. Improper Ventilation

Next comes ventilation, which is something that you can never afford to overlook. Improper ventilation will, sooner rather than later, make you feel suffocated and increase the risk of respiratory diseases. The ventilation will depend on the location of the house, the availability and size of the windows, and the state of the HVAC system. An old system will most likely have a number of issues, starting from lack of efficiency to old and rusty pipes.

5. Windows and Insulation

The presence of windows alone is not enough. While it’s a good indicator of ventilation, the state of the windows will also affect your decision. The windows play an important role in the insulation of the house; you don’t want to get too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, which is the case with sloppy window installment.

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6. Functionality

You’ll need to literally get your hands on everything in the house before deciding to purchase it. Grab the handles and open the doors yourself, switch on and off the lights, flush the toilets, and check the sockets and electric appliances. While you’re at it, be sure to check the internet connectivity of the area, whether it’s through broadband or mobile network connection.

7. Cover-up Signs

There are some telltale signs that the seller is trying to hide something from you. For starters, if you’re stuck with an aroma of perfume as soon as you enter the house, there might be some foul odor they’re trying to hide. If music is playing in all the rooms, then perhaps the surrounding neighborhood is too noisy.

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8. Trying to Waive Inspection

Finally, despite your best efforts to find out any underlying issues, sometimes you’ll come up short. That may indeed be a great indicator that you’ve found the house you’re looking for, but you should always ask for an inspection just to be sure. Trying to waive or delay the inspection should always be a red flag about this property and its sellers.

It’s not every day that you get to buy a new house. As exciting as it may be, there’s a list of things you’ll need to inspect vigilantly so you won’t get fooled by the exterior look. You will need to decide if you want a smaller or bigger house, do you want a big backyard or a smaller one. As suggested by Absolute Tiny Houses, these things are crucial since those will influence the amount of time you will need to spend on maintenance, but also the amount of money you will need to give for bills and various taxes. It’s only after you’ve done your fair share of inspection that you can soundly make the decision of buying that new home you’ve been dreaming of.

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