An Employment Agency: How Does It Work?

An employment agency Mississauga also referred to as a recruitment agency, staffing agency, or staffing firm makes it possible for the companies to get the right candidates and for the candidates to get the right jobs that suit their skills.

So whether you are a job seeker or a company looking to fill a certain position in your organization, this location is where you should be right now. Here at Team Global, employers are matched with the right employees and the employees get the right jobs that enable them to grow and fill full-filled.


Employment Agencies Don’t Find Jobs For Job Seekers, They Find Job Seekers For Jobs

Many people think that an employment agency looks for jobs for job seekers. However, that is not the case. Employment agencies are approached by employers to look for candidates with particular qualifications and skills. This is advantageous for the client company since it saves time and resources which could be used in accomplishing other processes in the company.

When an employer calls us, he doesn’t say, ‘Find for my company an accountant’. He calls and says, ‘Find for our company a part-time/ full-time accountant with a degree in accounting and at least two years’ experience in accounting.’

Well, you could be asking why be so specific? Alright, since we are looking to save on time and costs, being specific to what you need helps. The more specific you are, the more appropriate the candidate you get will be for the advertised job. This implies that your employee will not need a lot of training and hence will start contributing positively to your company.

So, this leads to the conclusion that companies don’t look for employment agencies for them to bring to them a bunch of job applicants who ‘kind of’ can handle the task if given the chance. So, client companies hire an employment agency to give them a list of three or four candidates who can fit the position the best.

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Don’t Just Sit And Watch, There Is A Lot To Do

So, what do we mean? Well, there is a lot for you as a jobseeker to do. So, you won’t just sign up with an employment agency and sit down and do nothing. Your contribution will be needed to find you the right job within the shortest time possible.

For instance, you can make it easier for the staffing agency to recommend you by ensuring that you always stay in touch. To do that, you would want to check the job postings, track market news and emerging trends in your industry, and update your profile.

Here are a few things you can do to stay in touch and increase your chances of getting a job with an employment agency;

  • Be Flexible

When applying for a job be specific as possible as you can. State clearly in your application where, how long, and when you can work. This will make it easier for the employment agency to match you with the right job and save time as well.

  • Grow Your Skills

After you sign up with a staffing agency in Mississauga, that is not the end of the journey. You are just starting. So, to increase your chances of getting the job you are looking for, it is important to expand your skills. To achieve this, you can take a class, get a new certificate, or master new software. This will put you some steps ahead of your competitors.

  • Update Your Resume And Profile

If you take a new course and add more skills remember to update your profile. This will make your profile rich and more marketable.

  • Create An Online Portfolio

Be creative and come up with an appealing online portfolio. Fill it with your recent achievements.

  • Update Your Availability And Contact Information

If you changed your contact information, ensure that such changes are reflected in your profile.

By doing these things, you will make it easier for the employment agencies to present you as the best candidate for the job. Doing those things isn’t demanding!

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Benefits of Collaborating with Employment Agencies

Some people rather choose to find a job alone. Indeed, this is not something you should not try out. There are many ways of how you can do that. For instance, some companies chase potential candidates through social media. You can join different Facebook groups, create a LinkedIn account, etc. However, using this method can’t bring you some benefits that employment or recruitment agencies can. Because of that, let us give you a clear picture of which things you can expect from this type of job seeking.

You WIll Save Your Time

Seeking a job is a tough challenge for all the people that desperately need a job. First of all, you do not know where exactly your research should start. After that, you need to spend a certain amount of time when you find a company that satisfies your needs. This kind of problem completely disappears if you collaborate with recruiters.

As you know, these agencies already possess a database of open positions. This database contains also those jobs that were not officially announced yet. Applying for a certain job position before others raise your chances of getting a job. You do not have to spend days finding those positions, writing a cover letter, etc.

There is another way of how you can save your time. As we said, chasing positions one by one can be annoying and time-consuming. With this method, you will have access to multiple job openings at once.


More Effective Research

What exactly do you know about the company where you want to apply? You have probably read certain things on their website or heard some stories of other people. However, is that enough to determine that a certain company is a perfect match for you?

Information such as the company’s values, culture, and expectations are usually not available to people. The main goal of recruitment agencies is to understand both sides. Logically, they must make the perfect match between the company and the clients. Because of that, they analyze all the important aspects that can tell them who the ideal candidate for a certain company is.

You Get an Honest Feedback

If you have done everything right, be sure that you will get a job. However, what if things go in the wrong direction? Many people do not know exactly which mistakes they got. No one will tell them if their resume needs improvement or if they were bad at the interview. When the company refuses to hire someone, they usually say “Sorry, but we picked another client”.

Well, employment agencies are there to give you honest feedback. They will give you direction on how to improve your resume, give you some job interview tips, etc. All these pieces of information will be valuable for each applicant. Thanks to those pieces of advice, the chances of getting a current job will grow.

Source: Digital Marketing Institute

So, what do you think? Can you still manage to find a job on your own? Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There is no reason not to do that when you see all the benefits you can get.

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