6 Benefits of Cloud-Based Communication For Businesses – A 2024 Guide

In order to ensure the success of your company, you must choose to implement a phone and communication system that is both flexible and reliable. And, as technology continues evolving and advancing, more and more companies choose to replace their ordinary desk phones with a communication system that is cloud-based.

But, what does that mean exactly? Well, if you are searching for an answer to this question, this article might be quite helpful for you. The text below is going to feature a list of all the benefits that you can gain if you choose to implement a cloud-based communication system for your company. However, let’s first take a look at what it is:

Cloud Communication System: Explained

Cloud communication is basically a system that utilizes the Internet and Voice over Internet Protocol – also known as VoIP – in order to receive, as well as send voice calls and other, important data within your business. It is literally the same tech that is behind popular platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Skype.

These systems will implement several communication options, including voice calls, sending/receiving emails & email chatting, as well as video calls. The storage space, all the apps that you can choose to install and have, as well as the switching are most commonly dealt with by a third part company that offers these services.

Source: Zultys

So, What Advantages Can I Gain From These Services?

Naturally, there are hundreds of benefits and advantages that we can mention for this particular system. However, for the sake of this article, we will mention the most important ones that are crucial for keeping your business on the right track. The benefits that you can gain from implementing a cloud-based communication system include:

1. It Can Be Accessed From Remote Locations

One of the biggest benefits that you and your employees can gain is the ability to access important business data from any location. Hence, if one of your employees need to do some work from home or while they are on a business trip, they can! Most of the providers will provide you with an application for your smartphone, which means that people can access the info in real-time, from any device that is connected to the Internet and that has the app.

Source: Communications South

2. Say “Goodbye” to Difficult Implementation Processes

With traditional phones, you know that a professional needs to install all the wires, cables, and phones on-site – and scaling the number of phones is often a difficult and time-consuming process. But, by choosing to have a cloud-based system, adding more phones, lines, and additional features will be extremely easy.

For instance, if your business grows in the near future, you can easily increase the number of phone numbers, which will in return be quite easy and it will save you a lot of money. Usually, the provider does have customer support, which is why they can always help you with adding more lines or new features to your systems.

3. The Contracts Can Be Month-to-Month

You might not be completely sure whether or not this option is suitable for your business, and luckily for all of us, companies such as The VOIP City offer businesses a month-to-month contract. This means that you won’t sign a contract that is, 2 or 3 years long, instead, you can do it month after month.

Hence, you can think of that first month as a trial period, especially if you need to determine if your employees find it useful and beneficial for their businesses as well. On the other hand, if it turns out that you are not satisfied with the results you get, you can always choose to terminate the cooperation after your contract expires.

Source: Elev8 Cloud Technologies

4. A Reliable Network is Crucial

Not only will a reliable network make everything easier for your employees, but, it will also ensure that there is no downtime, which means that you’ll not lose any money. Most providers will offer you an SLA which is basically all the details about the quality of their services.

If, for example, you, your employees, or customers experience lags, bugs, or any other issues with the network, the provider will usually compensate your company with some form of a credit on your bill. This means that you can ensure that your business works efficiently and that your clients are satisfied with the customer service they are getting.

5. You’ll Find a Package That Suits Your Budget

Besides the experience of the cloud service provider, a wide range of businesses also look at the price when it comes to choosing the best communication tool for their enterprise. Naturally, startup companies and smaller ones do not have an equal budget as large enterprises do, hence, comparing the price is quite important.

As mentioned, there are various things that go into one particular package, hence, if you are looking for something cheaper, you can always choose a package that offers fewer features. By doing so, you’ll make it cheaper, which means that you’ll definitely be able to find something that suits your budget well.

Source: Vozy

6. You’ll Be Prepared For Disaster Recovery

It is widely known that all companies – no matter if they are small, medium, or large – are under a constant threat of being attacked by external factors such as hackers. And, in order to keep your entire business safe, you’ll need to be prepared for disaster recovery. And, when you combine all the aforementioned feature, you’ll get a system that is perfect for protecting your company data/


As you can see, there are various benefits that you can gain from choosing to implement a cloud-based communication system in your company. Not only will it make it easier for your employees to talk, but, it will also prevent downtime and any additional issues that might arise.

Source: China Money Network

So, now that you know what are some of the most important advantages you can gain, you should really not waste any more time. Instead, start browsing the Internet in order to find a company that will provide you with the services that fit your business requirements and needs!

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