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5 Hot Apps To Help You Keep Your Cool This Summer

Summertime is here, which means sunshine, the outdoors, and a lot of fun and relaxation. In fact, there are so many ways to make the most of all the sunny weather and good vibes, especially with a range of innovative apps.

Despite the fact that many people are spending more time indoors this summer, there are many ways to fight the boredom you might be feeling. In this article, we’ll give you some recommendations for a variety of hot apps that will help you to keep your cool, so that you can stay entertained and make the most of this summer season.

5 Hot Apps to Help You Keep You Cool this Summer

1. Game apps

Source: TechStunt

Games are fun in any kind of weather, especially when you can use an online connection to bring people together. While you might not be able to go to a music festival, why not bring in some friends together to play a game on a summer evening with apps like House Party?

This app gives you a wide range of options to choose from, including quizzes that help to make staying indoors for longer periods more fun.

Of course, playing games on your phone while sitting in a shaded area is also another option. These can include games like Fortnite, or something a bit more puzzle oriented, like Monument Valley.

2. Streaming apps

Source: Bandsintown for Artists

Thanks to the wide variety of streaming apps available, there are many ways to keep entertained in the summer months. As we touched on above, there is no reason not to have fun just because you need to stay indoors.

In fact, there are many streaming apps that can still help you to keep the fun alive, including Bandsintown and Cercle, which stream live dance music sets and shows so that you can still enjoy your favourite artists and dance your heart out, even if it’s in your own living room.

If you’d prefer to custom make your own party playlist, you can always use music streaming apps like Spotify and 8tracks to find and share music, in order to create the perfect summer soundtrack.

3. Hobby apps

Source: Mental Floss

While previous summers may have been spent travelling and spending time in different places, the one opportunity that you can take advantage of this summer is to dedicate more time to your hobbies.

As more sporting events start to take place around the world, this is also the perfect time for sports enthusiasts to get back into supporting their teams and perhaps even taking part in placing some bets on the BetMGM Sports app.

Other hobbies you can pick up during this time could include a creative pursuit like photography. With so many social media apps like Instagram available to share your work, you could even start to build up a creative community while learning and sharing more.

4. Fitness apps

Of course, summertime is often the time that people start to focus more on their bodies, whether it’s being outdoors in a swimming costume or just because you’re wearing more lightweight clothing.

If you’re looking to feel fitter and more energetic during this time, you can make use of the many different fitness apps available online, no matter what kind of physical activity you are interested in doing.

Some ideas include apps like Downdog, which provide custom yoga workouts for any fitness level. If you’re looking to dance it out, apps like POPSUGAR provide a variety of dance and other kinds of workouts, like boxing.

If you’re looking to try something out for free, you can also use the Nike Training Club app to give a range of fitness routines a try.

5. Entertainment apps

Source: Medium

While you might be spending a lot more time in the sunshine this summer, even in your own backyard, there is no reason why you can’t still enjoy some indoor time, in order to relax and rejuvenate.

Popular streaming apps like Netflix are always a good choice, with new series and movies being released consistently. In fact, why change up your personal algorithm a bit and give some new types of series that you thought you would never enjoy a try?

Apart from that, you can also try more indie streaming sites like IndiePix, which will give you some insight into perhaps lesser known movies that are winning or have won awards at movie festivals around the world.

With so many content creators sharing videos on YouTube and Instagram (IGTV), there is also an endless amount of other content you can consume to entertain yourself during this time, whether its cooking apps, comedy sets or even just someone sharing their experiences online.

With so many apps available to keep you entertained this summer, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to keep your cool, even in the heat.

In the article above, we’ve provided just a handful of suggestions to help keep you busy, whether it comes to home entertainment, hobbies or keeping fit. However, with so many apps being developed all over the world, why not spend this time looking for a whole lot of other fun ones to try?

Who knows, you might just find a whole range of other apps to use and enjoy that might actually make this one of your best summers yet.

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