Tips To Remember While Selecting The Sport’s Eyewear

There is nothing new about the injuries received while playing sports. If anything, it can be successfully avoided if you are more careful and alert. Every player, thus, prefers to wear some protective gear to keep themselves safe. Not long ago, players lack the equipment to keep their eyes protected, and eye injuries were relatively common in athletes. To avoid this, designers come up with some eye gear so that you can keep your eyes safe while playing. Whether it is a small game or a national game, wearing eye protectors are essential, and you must always wear one while playing. But how to select one for you? What are the features to keep in mind while choosing one? From where do you make your purchase? All of these questions can be challenging to answer, but you will need to answer them anyway.

No, we don’t want to make you anxious, but selecting a sports eyewear is a difficult task. Not every place will be keeping a sports eyewear for you, and you might end up buying a regular pair of sunglasses if you are not careful. Therefore, you must always make your purchase from an authentic eye-care brand like Urban Optique for the finest and most suitable eye accessories. The experts will show you the different types of designs to choose from, and if required, you can also contact them for vision troubles as well. As for the differentiating features of sports eyeglasses, keep reading further.

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Features to look for in a sports eyeglasses

As we know, prescription glasses are not made to protect against sports injury, and if you wear them, you can not only break them, but your eyes may get injured as well. Meanwhile, sports goggles are specially designed so that they can fit your face structure snugly and do not fell whenever you indulge in a high impact activity like baseball or an adventure sport. Sports glasses are designed in several shapes and sizes for different sports like basketball, racquet games, soccer, tennis, cricket, and much more. In contrast, some others are also designed to fit in with your helmet used for hockey, baseball, and other activities so that utmost protection is provided to you.

Polycarbonate lenses are used in most of the sports goggles designing. Other times, high impact-resistant plastic is also used. It protects your eyes from the injury that has a high impact due to the brute force from the fast-moving object like balls. It is an outdoor sport’s product with built-in protection against ultraviolet rays, and it is lightly weighted as well to snuggle perfectly on your face.

The eye frame is equally crucial to ensure that it is correctly fitted around your head. Selecting the right frame is vital to ensure comfort during long hours while playing. Many frames have a feature of soft cushioning by silicon or rubber padding so that they can be comfortable while using. Also, different frames are available depending upon the sports you are playing. Take expert advice if you can not decide which one will be most suitable for you. Most of them will also allow the prescription lenses in them.

Some other sports glasses are contoured for easy sports like sailing, biking, hand-gliding, and much more. People who wear contact lenses especially benefit from the wrap-around type of glasses as they keep the dust and wind out from your eyes. It is especially useful to remember that a pair of sports glasses may not necessarily fit all games. Therefore, according to, if you engage yourself in multiple activities, you might need to invest in different pairs that are most suitable as per the game.

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Children’s special fitting

You should always invest in a well-fitted sports goggles before your child starts playing. The goggles should be well fitted; otherwise, it can increase the risk of injuries. The frame should fit with a slight room to grow, for adjustment. However, they should not be too large as your safety might get compromised. Also, choosing the right material for the sport gear glasses is equally essential. The material that breaks down easily will not only render your glasses useless, but your child might also suffer a severe injury if the broken material impacts the eye. If required, you can again visit your optometrist so that your children get the best fitting of glasses.

Whenever you feel that the sport’s glasses are not providing the right fitting or they have loosened as per your face, it would be best if you visit your eye care center and get them fixed right away. Remember, never play sports without complete protection to your eye. Investing in a good pair of sports goggles is a much better idea than suffering the injury where you risk injuring your eyes and losing your vision.

Similarly, when the child has outgrown his goggles, it would be wrong to continue wearing them for the next games, which can lead to a dangerous outcome. They will not only be uncomfortable but also block the peripheral vision. It will inevitably lead to poor performance and increase the risk of injury. Ensure that the goggles you are using are just perfect for your face while you indulge in sports for the utmost protection.

Embrace your passion and aim for the top position, but stay prepared for the worst while playing. If you’re looking for a pair of quality cycling sunglasses, you should check out this article.

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