How Cycling Will Benefit Your Health

Cycling boasts a whole range of health benefits, not to mention being great for the environment too. From your physical health to mental health, getting on the saddle can help maintain your current health, improve your physique, and prevent further issues from developing later on in life. Cycling is a great way to get your kids and loved ones active too! Whether you’re looking for a new hobby, are training for a sporting event or looking to expand your fitness regime, cycling is an excellent choice for anyone.

The benefits of cycling in the short term

It can boost your mood

Cycling, like other forms of exercise, encourage the release of endorphins and “feel-good” hormones in your brain and body. This has a direct impact on your mood and can help you feel more positive, motivated, and happy. Cycling training helps you to regulate your mood. It also helps you to deal with stress and the inevitable ups and downs of life. If you are interested in cycling training, visit

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed, cycling allows you to get some headspace, while exercising at the same time. Getting out into the fresh air can distract you from your worries, and help to provide some perspective. Moving your body can also help when you feel stressed or anxious and give you something different to focus on.

Cycling can aid weight control

For those whose weight fluctuates often, or those looking to lose a few pounds, cycling can be a great way to stay fit and healthy. You can do this by incorporating cycling into your daily routine, such as replacing your daily commute in the car with cycling or allocating time to cycling at another point in the day.

As a great source of cardiovascular exercise, cycling helps you burn excess calories, and therefore, fat. A form of exercise that works out the whole body, suitable for even beginners, cycling is the ideal activity to take up for weight control.

Source: Verywell Fit

It gives you a core workout too

Cycling isn’t just a great cardio exercise – it works your muscles too. While you cycle, your core is engaged, which means that each time you cycle, it’s like you’re doing an ab workout at the same time. Strengthening your core muscles is vital if you also work out other areas of your body. Your core strength helps with balance, stamina, and your center of gravity so it is well worth working on.

Core strength is crucial for overall fitness and can help to support you with other fitness activities. This means that cycling works excellent as part of a bigger fitness plan. Whether you’re into rock climbing or powerlifting, cycling can be a perfect partner to your other fitness activities. And as it’s easily slotted into your routine, or can be done at a moment’s notice, cycling is flexible and comfortable. No having to worry about getting to the gym or waiting for a group training session – with cycling, you can work out when you want, where you want.

Anyone can cycle

The best thing about cycling is that no matter your age or ability, you can cycle if you want to. Not only is cycling a great habit to get the kids into, but it keeps them active, and independent too. For those who are older, cycling can be a low-intensity workout, as well as a great way to get around and spend time with family and friends. No matter your experience or fitness level, cycling is a fantastic activity for all.

Source: Love and Road

The benefits of cycling in the long term

We’ve covered how cycling can help you in a short time, but this form of exercise has a wealth of benefits that you can’t see the results of straight away. The two main benefits are based on the treatment of and prevention of health issues, both physical and mental.

Cycling helps in maintaining mental health

Being active and getting your body moving can be great for those struggling with mental health issues. While exercise alone won’t completely cure depression or anxiety, it can serve as one part of a larger treatment plan. The endorphins that are released as a direct result of exercise can help to alleviate some of the symptoms of depression and anxiety by encouraging us to feel positive emotions. This helps to combat the chemical imbalance that many people with depression and anxiety can suffer from.

Besides, the chemical benefits of mental health issues, cycling, and exercise as a whole serve a larger purpose. Moving our bodies and working out can help to take the focus off of our thoughts and fears, and channel negative emotions into exercise. This helps in processing negative thoughts and releasing them through activities such as art, writing, and training. Cycling also has the added benefit of being in the outdoors, where a change of scenery and fresh air can help to lift our spirits and provide some calm and peace.

Source: Evans Cycles

Cycling can reduce the risk of chronic illnesses

In the long term, cycling can reduce the risk of developing chronic illnesses or severe health conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and strokes. This is because it encourages a healthy lifestyle, and being active can keep our arteries clear and organs healthy. Regular cycling is one way to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. It also encourages good circulation in your heart and lungs, which lowers your risk of cardiovascular diseases and health conditions.

Not only does cycling regularly lower your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, but it also helps you to reduce your risk of developing cancer. Research shows that developing cardiovascular disease or cancer can be as much as halved if you cycle and exercise regularly.

Overall, cycling presents a whole range of benefits to our health, not to mention being super fun and extremely easy activity to do. With the environmental problems our society is facing nowadays, as well as the concern about public health and obesity, cycling is becoming much more popular amongst the population, and for a good reason.

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