4 Effective Ways to Use Technology to Improve Work-Life Balance Amid COVID Pandemic

After the harmful effect of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a huge rush in the use of technology. Everyone is after knowing how the technology is being used in the work-life balance. Are you also interested in knowing about the use of technology?

According to the survey, 80% of the responders are not satisfied with the work-life balance. And this is the reason, why some lack their motivation and another struggle at their work. As the scenario of now, coronavirus has forced many companies to ask their employees for working from home.

Due to the continuous rise of the technology, all can make complete use of it in a proper way. It will also help you to keep your organization alive. If you are successful at developing a culture based on work, then you will be effective and would love to work with Vinsys way.

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Brief Information on Work-Life Balance

Work-Life balance is said to be a balance between your work, your personal life, and family. The process enabling the employers and the employees would help to create a balance between professional and personal life.

Work-life balance is a variable that would help you to distribute the timing according to your priorities. But, here the time for the activities included in the professionals and that of the personal matters are not equal. So, there are chances of not having a proper startup for your work.

From this, one thing can be concluded that you might be spending more time on your events than spending that on the profession which could negatively impact your job.

Now, let’s see the 4 effective ways that help to improve work-life balance in the fields of AI, AWS, Cloud, and much more.

1. Adjust by enabling the organizations to scale

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Nowadays, every organization whether it could be on a small or large scale, public or private, is after finding the new techniques that could make their product available to their customers even in this COVID-19 pandemic.

ML, Machine learning technology is very effective as it is providing the support tools to remote communication, telemedicine, and protect food technology. Even to the health care departments, Machine Learning helps to enable the chatbots for the symptoms of COVID-19 by contactless screening.

For AWS customers, it has become easy to communicate and has made an easier way for the customers to find out government official communications that are being held during the COVID-19 for the major updates.

No matter which cloud service you decide to use, you want to make sure that you aren’t overpaying for services you don’t need. Using a company such as Parquantix can help you tailor your AWS services to be exactly what you need at the right price.

2. Utilization of Project Management Software


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it has become challenging for the companies as well as organizations to work with the teammates from the various departments and time zones. To make all the team workers come in contact at a time, the cloud has played a major role.

Through cloud technology, one can easily get your job done. It works on all types of platforms including smartphones and laptops. This app can aid you to compulsory have the below-given tasks. It includes:

  • Observation wherever you go
  • Make a to-do-list for daily, monthly, as well as a yearly reminder
  • Easy collaboration with team and third party
  • Excellent ideas for starting new projects

Other than this, there are some best project management tools to take into consideration. They are:

These will surely help the organizations to plan, manage, operate, collaborate, execute, and deliver the tasks quickly.

3. Use of workflow software for creating work-life balance

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By using the workflow software, it will help the complex task to make them convenient and will keep them under control. AI plays a major role in the COVID-19 pandemic for its better understanding and addressing.

By having the AI technology, one gets to know about the fight to curb against the COVID-19 pandemic. The technology through which AI is connected helps in the solution of crop monitoring to the retail free services to the customers for three months.

It is associated with satellites to bring the image of the crops that can help the farmers to solve the additional issues. This will lead to a better management supply of the crops and in inventory planning.

This could lead the organization to have the complete framework as they have the proper selection of the software for the work-life balance.

4. Leveraging Data Science to combat COVID-19 Pandemic

Source: Computerworld

During the phase of COVID-19 pandemic, data science has been in a relative use in the contribution of the key research of the cases. Data science is seen contributing its major responses to the globe by facilitating its rapid engagement to interested AI researchers with ongoing research work.

In the examination of the growing landscape regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, data science has been involved in the five major contributions globally. They are:

  1. Risk Assessment and Patient Prioritisation
  2. Screening and Diagnosis
  3. Stimulation and Modulation
  4. Tracing of the Contact
  5. Economic Inventions and Logistic Planning

Other than this, data science has also helped by making the survey of public datasets that includes the complete information regarding the cases and all the updates of the coronavirus pandemic. It has been made possible by enabling the research by the community.

The survey includes 5 major public databases. They are:

  1. Case Data of COVID-19
  2. Textual Data of COVID-19
  3. Biomedical Data of COVID-19
  4. Different Supportive Datasets of COVID-19
  5. Competition Database of COVID-19

This has majorly helped the world to save the lives of many innocent people by predicting and giving the advice that has stuck by making the time control to controllable.

Thus, these are just a few of the resources and the 4 effective ways to use the technology to improve work-life balance amid COVID-19 pandemic. The technology includes the major use of AI, Cloud, ML, Data Science, and AWS.

By involving in all these work-life balance, it shows interest and initiative that will drive your profession to the continuous learning and improvement.

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Benefits of Work-Life Balance

Are you interested in flourishing your business and wondering how can the sustained work-life benefit you and your business? There are many vital roles and advantages for eco-friendly work-life essential for employers and employees both.

Some benefits for employers that could help their work-life to deal with technology includes:

  • Build brand reputation
  • Encourage positive work environment
  • Increase Productivity
  • High employee engagement
  • Improve Employee Retention

Some benefits for employees:

  • Enhance well-being and health
  • Improve Time Management
  • Increase Productivity
  • Boost loyalty of employee
  • Personal Development
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