10 Ways to Increase Sales Using Facebook Ads

Increasing sales revenue is a top priority for all businesses. Advertising is a key element in increasing sales revenue. The new age of digital shopping, social media accounts, and digital presence allows you to use sites like Facebook to increase your sales revenue.

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The following tips and tricks are methods used by prominent social media advertising specialist.

1. The Multi-Product Display

Source: The Next Scoop

The multi-product display carousel is a relatively new feature that Facebook has added. It allows a business to create several images of products they offer so people who see the ad have options.

The carousel creates an opportunity for people to click on the images and learn more about the product. It also allows you to group things together. You can promote your higher-priced products and the accessories that most people will want to have with that product.

2. Use Video instead of Still Shots

Source: Addo Digital

Video is fast-paced and intriguing. It is an engaging way to get Facebook users to see more of your product. Statistics show that over half of the 500 million daily Facebook users watch at least one video that has been shared with their timeline each day.

3. Discount Offer Incentives

Source: Search Engine Journal

Everyone likes to save money. Most people are tempted by sales and discounts. You can use this temptation by offering incentives through discount offers.

You can over a percentage off for everyone that spends $100, or you can offer a percentage off to everyone who likes your Facebook page and shares the page with their friends. There are unlimited discount ideas that you can utilize to increase your product sales and increase the web traffic to your website.

4. Boost a Post you already made

Source: Business of Apps

Facebook offers you the opportunity to “boost” a post. If you have had a post in the past that was successful at attracting clicks, likes, and being shared you can choose to boost that post so that people see it again.

5. Do Not make Selling your Key Objective

Source: FML Marketing

You are a business and you are trying to sell products. People really do not want hard sales and they often resist companies that are constantly bombarding their feeds with sales pitches. Stop selling and start sharing.

You need to share anecdotes, create interesting posts that are educational, informative or simply interesting. Use trending ideas and interests to create posts that people will want to see and share.

When people feel comfortable with you and when they like what you have posted they are more likely to click on your name and check out your page. This method of selling is powerful.

6. Build a Stronger Brand Identity

Source: Task Pigeon Blog

Your brand identity needs to be strong. You want people to immediately think of you when they think of a product in the category of the ones you sell. This is done with a brand identity instead of with sales ads.

When you think of “Kool-Aid” you most likely think of the pitcher of fruit-flavored drink that was used in advertising of this product. When you need facial tissues there is a good chance that you tell someone to give you a “Kleenex” which is a brand of facial tissue that almost everyone is familiar with.

To improve your brand identity you have to make people associate your brand with the product and with something they like. Get involved in helping charities like feeding the hungry, saving helpless animals, or youth services. Be proactive, be involved, and give freely of your brand. Kindness and charity open the hearts of people and those people follow your pages.

“Boomba” socks use the kindness strategy by donating free socks for each pair of socks that they sell. The free socks are given to underprivileged people, homeless shelters, and third world countries. That strategy causes more people to want to invest in Boomba and gets their name talked about around water coolers and at gatherings of friends.

7. Use Customized Calls to Action

Source: POSECdigital

Facebook offers you the option to include custom calls of action when you are creating your advertisement. These calls of action include things like; “shop now”, learn more, sign up, etc. They cause people to click on them to be taken to your website or page.

They are open invitations for your viewers to do more than just view or scroll past your advertisement.

8. Increase Visual Appeal with Your Background Choice

Source: E-Commerce Nation

It is very tempting to use colored backgrounds. Many people assume that bright colored backgrounds attract more people. The truth is a white background is more eye-catching and more people stop and read what they see written on a white background.

9. Targeting

Source: Instapage

You have to target the people who are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer. You cannot simply have a page and make posts and hope that your product sells.

You have to specifically target the right age, gender, etc. to make sure the people who need and want your product will see the advertisements.

10. Be Engaged Completely

Source: GetResponse

Your Facebook presence must be maintained properly. You have to make regular status updates that will appear on the friends of your page newsfeeds.

You have to constantly be looking for and adding new friends.

You have to go to the pages of your friends and like things they have posted or comment under their post.

You have to be fully engaged in your page and the friends who follow your page. You want people to see you commenting and read your latest status updates. You want people to be curious so they visit your page and your website.

Facebook ads work. You simply have to know a few of the tricks to use these ads in your favor.

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