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7 Benefits of Playing Chess for Both Children and Adults

People look for different ways to make their free time more entertaining. It doesn’t truly matter how old you are. Children and adults sometimes use the same methods to have fun.

Thanks to advanced technology, we got some additional ways to do that. For example, a lot of people decide on playing games online. This allows them to forget about all the duties and problems they have. Despite that, watching a movie or listening to music is available to us as well.

Still, forgetting about traditional ways of fun is not something we should do. Some people still enjoy games like chess because of multiple reasons. It truly is an entertaining game that can fulfill our time with joy. However, entertainment is not the only reason why you should start playing this game. There are certain benefits of playing chess for both, children and adults, that you should know. After reading these benefits, you will surely get inspired to play it more actively.

1. Helps with Anxiety and Depression


Stress can come in different forms. For instance, people feel anxious when they need to respect deadlines, have tasks they don’t know how to solve, etc. On the other hand, kids feel anxious because of the tests. They need something that will calm them down and relax as well.

One of the things that have a calming effect on our mental power is chess. As you know, playing chess requires a high level of concentration and focus. Despite that, you need to invest a lot of effort into planning. When our brain is focused on something, we forget about the stressful situations. More precisely, we will forget about all the stressful situations that can potentially cause anxiety.

2. Boosts Our Self-Confidence


All one-on-one games are good for the improvement of self-confidence. This can especially be important for young adults. Many of them have this type of problem and it is hard to find a solution at that age.

Each time when you play this game, you are on your own. You can’t count on the help of others. We do not want to say you will win each game you play. However, analyzing your mistakes and trying to make new strategies will help you boost your confidence. You will realize that you are capable of fixing certain mistakes that you made. In this way, you won’t only feel more confident. All players start to feel more valuable because of achieving certain goals. Winning a game will surely be motivational for you.

3. Improvement of Cognitive Skills


In short terms, our brain uses cognitive skills when learning, reading, paying attention, and remembering. It doesn’t truly matter how old you are. All these skills require additional effort if you manage to improve them properly. Fortunately, chess can help here as well.

This entertaining activity stimulates the growth of our dendrites. If you do not know, dendrites are the branched end of neural chains. These chains help our organism to transfer certain neural signals. Our dendrites will boost the quality and speed of the so-called neural communication. When the quality and speed are at a high level, the cognitive skills will automatically be better.

4. The Improvement of Our Memory


Okay, this part of the article will be more suitable for adults. Over time, we all start forgetting certain things. However, this problem also happens to teenagers and students.

Being a good chess player means that you are capable to remember all the moves that your opponent makes. More precisely, you should analyze his previous moves and design a certain pattern. By doing that, you will easily recognize which style your opponent has. The entire task requires a good memory. If you constantly work hard to remember previous moves, your memory will sooner or later improve.

5. Your Problem-Solving Skills Will Be Better


It truly doesn’t matter if you are a child or a grownup person. People simply do not know how to make the right decisions to solve certain problems. Lack of confidence doesn’t have anything to do with that. We simply do not use the best way to analyze things around us.

Chess is a game where you need to find a solution before your opponent. The “deadlines” do not exist which makes things even tougher. Because of that, chess will help you find the best way to approach problems. When your approach to a certain problem is wrong, finding the right solution is impossible.

6. It Boosts Human Creativity


Kids are usually more creative compared to adults. However, that doesn’t mean they will keep that level of creativity forever. Just like talents, creativity requires constant improvement.

Let’s imagine that you play chess each day with the same people. You discovered one winning strategy that worked a couple of times. Yet, your opponents will sooner or later understand the way you are winning. Because of that, you will have to look for new ways to defeat your opponent. That type of “curiosity” improve the level of our creativity. You will need to improvise many times when playing chess if you plan to win.

We need to send one message to parents. In today’s world, kids usually spend time on playing games. It is okay if they do that for an hour or two per day. However, playing games for the entire day is wrong. The activity like that does not have a positive influence on the creativity of our kids.

7. Chess Improves Concentration


Focus is not only important because of stress management. Each move that your opponent makes will require your full attention. Different tasks such as planning the next move and visualizing the outcome spend a lot of brain energy. This will be good preparation for similar situations in everyday life. With a high level of concentration, you will manage to achieve some of the biggest goals you have.

Bonus Tip: Inspire Yourself More

Chess itself is an entertaining game interesting to all generations. The benefits we talked about will bring additional inspiration to play it. However, there is one more way of how you can boost your desire for playing chess.

Attractive designs of chess sets and a variety of product options can make this activity more interesting. Fortunately for you, different chess designs are styles are available online. Websites like offer a variety of products that will satisfy your expectations. You might want to check their website and see which options you have.

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