When Should One Consider Dental Implants? 

Dental implants are artificial teeth that act as replacements to broken, decayed, or missing teeth. An implant consists of several components, such as the abutment, post, and crown. They are imbued deep into your jaw, which makes them a sturdy alternative to many dental procedures.

Over 5 million implants are installed every year within the United States. To fully comprehend the benefits implants provide, we look at the ten reasons you should consider dental implants over other alternatives.

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Your Teeth Are Loose

Loose or missing teeth can pose a problem in the way you carry out your daily life. When one tooth is loose, it ends up weakening nearby teeth and gum structure. On the other hand, dental implants offer a better alternative by covering up these gaps, strengthening shaky teeth, and even restoring the quality of your smile and confidence.

Eating Has Become Difficult

Implants can help ease any chewing discomfort and offer a permanent solution to your eating woes. Depending on the teeth affected, several implants may be required until you can chew again in comfort.

Unlike dentures, these implants have no restrictions on how much one can eat. Whether it’s chomping down into an apple or crushing jawbreakers, your implant will stand firm.

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Damaged Teeth and Cavities

Tooth decay is the abrasion of your teeth’s outer layer known as enamel. Plaque and bacteria thrive on sugar and end up tearing away enamel layers forming a hole or cavity. Once a tooth has reached this point, the generic options are fluoride treatments, crowns, extractions, fillings, or root canals.

Sometimes the resin in the crowns can prove to be irritating, and fluoride treatments can be harsh. Dental implants cover the missing tooth from an extraction procedure naturally. Furthermore, unlike fillings or crowns, this procedure doesn’t jeopardize the neighboring teeth’ structure and health.

Maintaining Good Dental Hygiene is Tough for You

Another reason to consider getting dental implants is that they are quite easy to clean and maintain. There are no special care routines needed; a regular toothpaste and a brush can do the trick. You can use low abrasive toothpaste so as not to wear down the tooth or teeth.

This leaves you with more breathing room as there is no need to practice an extensive cleaning regime. Furthermore, one can floss their teeth without having to worry about damaging their implants. Just take caution so as not to puncture your gum pockets with unnecessary force.

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Extreme Halitosis or Foul Breath

Poor dental hygiene can lead to the emission of a stench from your mouth and teeth. Unlike dentures that often produce a whiff when not thoroughly cleaned, an implant is a solution to all your smelly problems.

Due to an implant’s surface area, there isn’t much room for bacteria to grow; so, cleaning it is a much simpler process. Furthermore, because they don’t rest on your gums, they don’t cause halitosis, commonly experienced with dentures.

Also, if your are planning for the dental implant first confirm the the Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost for your disired budget.

You Don’t Have the Time to Get Replacements

Always getting dental replacements can be bothersome, especially if you don’t have time to visit your dentist regularly. Implants are long term solutions that don’t require replacing, unlike bridges or removable dentures that are replaced every three years.

Your implant can last you an entire lifespan, and they remain strong with adequate care and protection.

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You Want an Exact Tooth Replacement

Dental implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Nowadays, thanks to modern science, a dentist can even customize and design an implant to match your exact measurements through 3D printing.

State of the art imagery software ensures that these procedures are carried out in speed. To design a suitable implant, your dentist needs only to analyze your jawline structure and begin the printing. This alleviates the constant trial and error measurements associated with dentures and crowns.

You Want Something that Sticks and Doesn’t Slip

Dental implants are tightly fastened onto the jawbone to prevent it from shifting or loosening when chewing and speaking. They are reinforced quite well, and they feel like natural, grounded teeth.

With dentures, sticky gels and creams are used as connectors to glue the structure onto your gums. This requires constant placement each time the dentures weaken. Besides, you don’t have to worry about slipping off the implants. If the implant comprises titanium or zirconia, the bone welds perfectly around the metal to firmly secure it in place.

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You Feel Your Jawbone is Weakening

A fixed bridge can cause your jaw to deteriorate with time gradually. Unlike dental implants, the bridge doesn’t simulate a root, leaving the bones underneath the rootless area to slowly wear out.

This is why you will need to consider dental implants to stimulate and restore your jaw’s structural integrity and avoid a bone graft procedure.

Your Facial Structure Seems to be Diminishing

Sure, our teeth help to maintain the jaw structure as well as the face shape. Missing teeth lead to a sunken facial appearance, including flat cheeks and thin lips. Implants help stimulate your jaw to produce dense and healthy bones. This can improve your jawline and facial structure, making it seem more youthful and full.

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Find Best Cosmetic Dentist in NYC

Understanding when you need to get dental implants is crucial to your health and well being. Take action as soon as you experience any discomfort or change in your life quality as the sooner you see an expert, the quicker something can be done to preserve your smile.

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