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The Company of Sea Hunt came into formation by the father & son duo “Vic & Bubba” back in 1995. Creating this famous boat company, they had one main goal: to create an affordable boat that best stood out in its class. What first began as a low-key one-room store in a small plant right outside Columbia, South Carolina, had gone on to become the #1 best-selling boat in the country.

The brand’s insatiable desire for leading the industry is widely known. Through customer care, innovation, and design, it is no surprise that the company is presently the #1 best-selling saltwater boat for the past 12 years. You can find Sea Hunt deals at ZeBoats. Sea Satisfaction is guaranteed to all the buyers when they first get a hold of the Sea Hunt boat. Your boat won’t just have an elite feeling to it, but the user experience will also blow you out of the park.

Robbie Coates, the national sales manager of the brand, believes that its massive success is its innovation towards helping families enjoy boating and fishing together. They took the boat of center-console and made it a family-friendly fishing boat.


Sea Hunt was the first brand to provide boats of center-console with an additional bow seating, backrest within the bow for comfort, and additional legroom. Besides, some of the boats carry complete rear-bench seating. Coates mentions that everything they create is in favor of keeping families in mind.

This massive company employs over 220 people, and the boats that they make are in execution within the facility that spans over 170,000 square feet. The facility is present in Shop Road back in Downtown Columbia. Vic Roof has gone under retirement, and the current CEO & President of the company is Bubba Roof. Bubba comes in every day around 5:00 am to inspect the boats before they leave the facility.

The company has produced over 2100-2200 boats every year. They aren’t swaying away from that any time soon. They regard this as their sweet spot at the fullest capacity, where they run one shift and maintain their quality as elevated as they can keep it. Things tend to change when they try to create more boats, so they prefer sticking to building about eight boats each day.

The company is interested in marketing its boats to dealers that have little to no inventory. Dealers would always prefer to garner more boats. Sea Hunt focuses and stresses on relationships with only 28 dealers for now. They can range from Rhode Island to the Florida Keys within the eastern seaboard and from the Gulf of Mexico till Texas.

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Sea Hunt refrains from selling on the West Coast due to shipping problems. Vic Roof was the owner of the popular Sunbird Boat Company back then. Later on, he sold it to the Outboard Marine Corp. However, when Bubba Roof did his graduation from college, he also started to fancy boats. Sea Hunt first began as a mini saltwater boat line with a boat spanning over 15-foot. But soon, it started venturing into boats of 17-foot and 19-foot.

The brand took up the task of taking two well-known types of boat, i.e., a center console boat meant for fishing and a deck boat or pontoon meant for family fun. They took up the challenge of combining these two boats and producing one versatile multi-functional boat. Bubba was aware that children and their families fancied boats to visit islands, restaurants, and sandbars.

Sea Hunt began drawing massive attention and fame with the production of a 23-foot boat. Now, the brand creates four boat lines ranging from 18-30 feet, and within that range of size, it is the #1 center console boat that carries retail registering in the world. The four lines of the boat consist of The Gamefish Line, The Ultra Series Line, The Triton Line, and The BX Series Line (Bay Extreme Series).

The Gamefish Line fits for offshore fishermen; However, it still comes with the creature comfort that families want. The Ultra Series is the family-friendliest in comparison to the other lines. It also possesses a full backseat and is the most famous one from the bunch. The Triton line stresses more on fishing, but it still carries a bow backrest that families love. The BX Series favors shallow water fishing with additional seating.


Sea Hunt is known for producing boats with the most features. The members of the brand are always looking to integrate mini upgrades that can play a huge role in catching the buyer’s attention. These small upgrades tend to make a great difference. The latest innovation consists of pop-out footrests for travelers. There is an engineering team, but Bubba himself does most of the thinking by listening to his customer’s experiences.

Sea Hunt is still at the top of its 14th year of being in the business. The company’s primary focus isn’t to grow and expand but to maintain its innovation and quality. A lot of the employees in the company have been with the brand for years and years. There is a lot of upward mobility because the brand constantly promotes people from within.

Sea Hunt is all about charity and giving back to the community. It has made a mark in its hometown by donating to schools, the Coastal Conservation Association, the Harvest Hope Food Bank, and other important causes. Sea Hunt has become a national symbol that citizens recognize as the ideal boat that can fit the budget.

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