10 Tips for Making Your Own Kratom Tea

Kratom tea is the latest craze for tea lovers, although it has been available for years. Kratom is a very healthy tropical tree that grows in Southeast Asia, New Guinea, and the Philippines. The locals know how beneficial it is to the health of human beings and have been consuming it for centuries. What they do chop it and then either, chew it, smoke it, or brew its leaves into tea. Kratom helps our bodies deal with fatigue and are great for improving stamina.

Kratom leaves contain two important compounds, 7-a-hydromitragyine, and mitragynine. They are responsible for all the positive effects of the plant, which happen when they interact with the receptors in our brains and restore the general calm. Mitragynine also increases focus and cognitive functions, making it great for those who have to study or work in offices for long.

Countries of the west have started to recognize the balancing, calming, improving effects of the Kratom plant. Therefore, people around the world are now consuming it daily in order to feel happier and more productive. For anyone experiencing stresses during their everyday lives, this tea is the solution.

Keep reading this article to learn all the important tips on how to make Kratom tea the right way. To find out more about this plant and the tea it is capable of giving us, visit

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1. Use Hot Water (Not Boiling)

Many people think that using boiling water is the right way of making tea. However, with Kratom, it is recommended to use hot water only. Active chemicals in Kratom, alkaloids, are stable at high temperatures, but never boil the leaves or powder in water. Instead, pour hot water over it. This will guarantee that the alkaloids stay intact and you will be consuming all the benefits of the plant from the tea.

2. Add Acid

The aforementioned alkaloids contain nitrogen, and although stable, if they are exposed to extremely high temperatures for some time, they will degenerate and lose their value. The brew will be weaker and the whole cup of tea will be next to pointless to drink. To prevent this and also consume additional beneficial ingredients, add lemon or apple cider vinegar to protect the alkaloid compounds from breaking down. Many people like the refreshing zing in their teas anyway.

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3. Use Sweetener

Like most other beneficial and healthy things, Kratom is very bitter. Therefore, you will need to add something sweet to the tea to make it pleasurable to drink. Highly beneficial for your well-being, but it has a very bitter taste. As you probably do with most other teas, add your favorite sweetener to your cup of Kratom tea. If you can, avoid sugar and try using honey or agave juice. Other healthy spices also work well in Kratom tea, like ginger, citrus zest and cinnamon.

4. Stir Thoroughly

This only applies if you use powder to make the tea. To make sure it dissolves completely, thoroughly stir the concoction of the powder tea mixed with your go-to sweetener and acid. If you fail to do so, the tea will feel bland and tasteless almost to the end of the cup, where all the taste will be left for the final few sips.

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5. Diluting the Taste

If you like less saturated teas, add water until you find the right taste for you. Remember however that less saturated cups of Kratom tea are also less beneficial and it is always better to try and go through with proper servings.

6. The Right Dose

Speaking of the right serving sizes and dosage, one serving of Kratom measures at 2.4 grams. In a span of 24 hours, do not exceed two servings or 4.8 grams. A good way of keeping track is to have two cups of tea per day, each containing one serving. This will help you better record your daily intake and stay healthy.

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7. Powder Kratom Tea

The easiest and most popular way of making Kratom tea is from its powder. This gives you the full effects of the plant in a high-potency cup of tea. Pour 8 oz. of hot water over 2.4 grams of powder. Stir everything until the powder dissolves and distributes evenly. Strain the tea to remove any residue powder. Add your favorite ingredients, be it honey, sugar, agave juice, maple syrup, lemon, or cinnamon and consume immediately.

8. Crushed Leaf Kratom Tea

The process of making Kratom tea with crushed leaves is even easier. Put one dosage of Kratom in the form of crushed leaves into a reusable teabag. Place the bag into a cup and pour 8 oz. of water over it. Leave it to infuse for 5 to 10 minutes. Remove the teabag and add your preferred ingredients. Consume it straight away.

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9. Kratom Iced Tea

In the summertime or all the time, if you prefer colder drinks, you can also make Kratom iced tea. To do this you first have to prepare some Kratom tea either with powder or crushed leaf. Therefore, consult either of the two previous recipes above. Once you have a cup of Kratom tea ready, add two slices of ginger to the tea and let it rest for around 5 minutes. Strain the tea and add honey. Once the honey dissolves, add half a cup of orange juice and half a cup of pineapple juice. Stir it together until it all mixes nicely. Leave it to cool completely and add ice to taste before consuming. Enjoy!

10. Kratom Sun Ice Tea

If you ever need to prepare larger batches for more people or simply to store it away for later use, you can do that by brewing it with UV light. This gives you a weaker brew than traditional tea brewing, so you can consume more of it. Fill a one-gallon glass container with hot water and add tea bags with Kratom crushed leaves. Stir it for a bit and then seal the container. Place the container on a sunny location and let it brew for at least 60 minutes and not more than 5 hours. Depending on the location and the sunny hours your home receives, you might need to move it around. Remove the teabags from the jug once you are satisfied with the brewing. Store the jug in the fridge for no longer than a week. Whenever you feel like drinking it, pour a glass, and add your favorite ingredients like lemon, cinnamon and honey.

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