5 Least Successful Photo Ideas Used to Promote Vaping

Vaping seems to be one of the latest world hobbies that are being advertised everywhere at any time. The point of it is that it is quite a universal hobby even though not completely safe. People in the majority of countries love it, and these are all kinds of people: young, senior, adults, men, women, educated, illiterate, in power, or from the lower class.

Scientists and doctors have been wrestling with the subject of how to reduce people’s vaping. However, they are not aware that the industry, especially online advertising, can protect society from vaping itself. Certainly, such advertising is geared to promote vaping, but some models look at how ordinary people decide to balk at an idea to become vapers.

If you look more precise, the majority of models, who promote “the cheapest legal weed pen (click for more)” or “the tastier e-liquid made from natural ingredients only” or “the best dry herb vape pen”, are the same. This happens because online and offline shops as well as vape cafes and as well as you can buy photos at the same stocks, where, to put it mildly, not all the photos are successful.

The system of stock photos functions because it is quite expensive to hire a special photographer each time you need a photo of good quality. Therefore, people who are skillful with cameras can make a number of photos (photoshoot) and publish them on a special website called ‘photo stock’. When someone decides to download a photo and use it, they have to pay, and the author gets royalties.

This simple scheme allows both photographers and business owners to feel ok about the copyright and get some benefits. The vape shop’s owner gets a beautiful photo of high quality and does not need to waste money for new photoshoots and the photographer gets money for his job without taking pains to sell it somewhere on his own. Photo stocks work as a mutual gains model.

As mentioned above, any photographer can upload his or her photos onto these stocks, which means that one can find any advertising photos. The Vaping industry is not an exception; there are many photos with devices over these platforms. The point is that they are more specific and fit solely for ads of vaping. Also, not many models do that, so the number of faces is limited as well.

The problem with these models is that there is still no clear image of how a vape looks. Therefore, some of the models in the photos look completely strange. Some look like aging wannabe hipsters, some seem to be a parody on fitness models, some look like unemployed and homeless people, and this list could be continued till the crack of doom. Let us look through some real examples.

1. Swimsuit as Everyday Outfit

Source: Milled

You can often find a photo of some cute ladies vaping, smiling, and enjoying their life. The only point is that they might wear swimsuits or underwear and pose not very decently. The glaring examples include a pair of girls in glaring value swimsuits with their butts touching and with clouds of vapor from ‘the best weed vape pen’ around them.

Such photos are inappropriate because they objectivize a woman’s body and provoke sexual instincts. Such advertising methods are unofficially banned for dangerous industries and corporations, and it is a pity that some vape shops use these photos to make men more involved. In addition, it might harm the mental picture of women’s sexuality in both male and female heads.

2. After Party Vaping

Source: CNet

Another trend on vape stocks is the photos of a party of friends sleeping among plastic cups, coca cans, and bottles of beer with one of them vaping. Such ads are usually aimed at people who adore partying and, in general, they promote an unhealthy lifestyle. Also, such as distort the idea of decent student life when schoolchildren see it.

Moreover, some of the students having a difficult term and plenty of deadlines, which need to be met in the foreseeable future start thinking of the idea to use some dry herb vaporizer pen to optimise energy and have less sleeping time. They believe that marijuana can boost creativity and keep awake, so they try to implement these properties for their studying activities.

3. Sex as the Main Attraction

Source: 1ZOOM.Me

One can find people lolling in bed almost naked or under the blankets on some stock photos. Such images usually make people connect sexual activity with vaping. This works both for those, who have an active sexual life, and those, who do not live sexual life at the moment.

Using a weed vape pen before sex can indeed help to make your sex more emotional. This works because marijuana, like any other drug, affects your brain and makes you feel euphoric, which makes your feelings sharper and more intense. Moreover, it boosts your sensitivity.

Also, marijuana is a good pain reliever, which might be topical for some women in terms of sex. However, the problem is that marijuana and other drugs are toxic substances that can negatively influence the reproductive system of both men and women.

4. Choice With Zero Option

Source: American Heart Association

Photos of people deciding between a cigarette and a vape pen are quite common for photo stocks. They appeared because firstly, vaping was presented as a healthy alternative to smoking, and the majority of advertising campaigns were built on comparison of vaping to smoking. Therefore, these photos used to be popular among the ordering customers.

The truth is that both vaping and smoking are hazardous for all human body systems, including mental health. It does not matter whether one uses a nicotine-containing, nicotine-free, or dry herb vape pen. Each of these types contains several chemicals that destroy airways, impair oxygen transmission, and have some other disadvantageous effects.

5. ‘Big Cheese’ Power

Source: American Heart Association

Photos of attractive men vaping in their old photos in front of their mansion, or at the wheel of one of the most expensive cars, or in the study decorated with crocodile leather are also quite widespread on the stocks and at the same time awful. These photos create the illusion that such unhealthy habits as vaping go with power, wealth, and social status, which is completely untrue.

For sure, there exist SEOs who vape. In some companies this has becomes a culture, but at the same time, plenty of people in power eat healthy food, visit the gym, and take care of their health. The lifestyle usually does not indicate the profession and vice versa. Therefore, publishing such photos is a delusion that might cost great healthcare expenses for those who are brought into such advertisements.


The marketing world is quite diversified, and ads’ quality can vary from very low to manipulative and powerful ones. In case you want your vape shop or café to look trustworthy and credible, you should think of high-quality ads. Do not play dirty games and look for cute ready-made photoshoots without pabulum and cheap manipulations if you cannot afford to do your one.

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