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6 Personal Injuries That Require You to Hire a Lawyer

It’s amazing how life can seem to be going smoothly for a while, and then suddenly something unexpected happens. One such event is when people sustain a significant injury, often through no fault of their own.

Sadly, not everyone puts up their hands and admits liability. Insurance companies may fight tooth and nail to not payout. At times like these, a personal injury lawyer may be the only solution. They can be a person’s advocate, taking on the other parties and using their insight and experience to obtain a just compensation payout.

There is an abundance of personal injury lawyers to be found on the internet, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a suitable one year you. The professionals at kentuckycourage.com say such lawyers also help people obtain Social Security Disability benefits and other financial benefits when they are struggling to do so. If lawyers are unhappy with the final resolution, they may even go to the government to seek fair compensation.

Let’s now look at six injuries that may well lead to a lawyer being required.

1. Sports’ Injuries

Source: Pavlov Regenex Centar

If the injured party is a professional sportsperson, they will also want to claim for loss of earnings while they are unable to work. Interestingly, it could also be a spectator who claims for injuries that they have sustained.

The words ‘recklessness’ and ‘negligence’ can be key terms used in such claims. The lawyer may need to prove that the coach had trained people inadequately, or that an incorrect tackle had occurred. Perhaps the grounds or stadium were unsafe due to poor maintenance. There may have been violence used during the game, or rioting in the stadium.

2. Car Accidents

Source: Harris & Graves, PA

There are many truck and motorbike accidents. Auto accidents are the most common claims globally.

The responsible party may be trying to avoid paying out, and their insurance company may be supporting this. In many cases, it is only by harnessing a lawyer to the claim that justice can be eventually done.

The victim needs to stay silent during the legal process, both verbally and on social media. Only the lawyer should be communicating with all parties. Once more, medical pictures and trauma will be a strong part of the claim, alongside medical bills and diagnoses.

It’s important to take photos at the scene as soon as possible. Include pictures of both cars and any damage they sustained. The surroundings also need to feature, as factors like road quality and light can also be key to the claim.

3. Slips and Falls

Source: ISHN.com

There are many claims for injuries sustained in this manner. The usual route is to hold the property owner responsible. A lawyer familiar with negligence claims may, therefore, be the best choice. They will be asking such questions as ‘Were there warning signs at the scene?’ and ‘How well was the office or warehouse maintained?’ They will be requesting the photos and witness statements.

In all personal injury claims, settlement payouts mustn’t be made too soon if the victim’s final diagnosis has not yet been received. The risk is that secondary medical problems may develop after the initial event. Some people become unable to work again or need an amendment to their homes for medical appliances and wheelchairs. All these things will ultimately decide what is a full and fair compensation claim.

4. Dog Bites

Source: Buche & Associates, PC

In America in 2018, over 17,000 dog bite claims were submitted. The payouts totaled $673 million. This proves two things: people are not unusual in claiming compensation, and they do have a chance of succeeding.

Ultimately, the dog owner is the person responsible. People should claim for the fact that there has been pain and suffering. Trauma is a major compensation factor in all types of personal injury claims. Photos of the injury (taken as soon after the event as possible) can help with this.

Choose a lawyer who has experience of similar cases, and has a good track record. They will be familiar with the medical side of the claim, and the legally complex aspects as well. When searching online for a lawyer, the word ‘negligence’ may be relevant if the dog had been unsupervised. The lawyer will need the contact details of the dog’s owners, witness statements, and the breed of dog (in case it is an illegal or banned species).

5. Wrongful Death

Source: pixabay.com

It may be relevant here to search for a lawyer qualified to deal with cases of defective products, negligence, or malpractice. Whatever the situation, it will no doubt have been a traumatic event. When choosing a lawyer it is therefore important to select one that you feel relaxed with. There needs to be a caring rapport because any discussion of the events will no doubt be painful.

The tragic event could have occurred following a law enforcement situation. There are personal injury lawyers who are versed in criminal law, which may also be relevant.

The person claiming will need to look at death claim compensation, to help pay for any final medical treatment the victim received. There will also be burial costs and other expenses.

6. Medical Malpractice

Source: MIMS Today

Sadly, there are many documented cases of substandard care being provided, and patient deaths being avoidable. There may be unconfident or unqualified staff with high responsibilities, or careless and unprofessional workers. The person responsible may be anyone from a doctor, surgeon, or nurse. The event might have occurred at a clinic, laboratory, hospital, or some other medical establishment. Some pharmaceutical companies are huge and have a protective legal wall to fend off medical claims. Only a skilled lawyer will have any chance of winning the case.

Incidents not resulting in death can include those where the patient becomes ill during their time of medical care, or are permanently injured.

As we have seen, there are many different scenarios where a personal injury lawyer should be appointed. People who are emotionally involved may not be best placed to take on corporations or insurance companies. Lawyers can be experienced and successful with specific scenarios, knowing the documentation that needs to be presented, and the compensation that should be pursued. They will also know how successful the case may be, and defend the victim in court if it ends up there.

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