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How to Masturbate for Women: 10 Female Masturbation Tips

Once in a lifetime, when women come to the orgasm stage, it becomes necessary to masturbate. Sometimes a partner cannot satisfy you; other times, you might be single and not in a dating mood. In such scenarios, masturbation with some products will give you the orgasm you never experienced before. You can take a look at the best butt play toys, and you need to check here. You can buy a pleasurable product for showing some love for yourself. Women all across the globe use the butt plugs to add some spice to the monotonous life. Single women love to play with sex toys as they can be satisfying.

The products are available in different sizes and different prices. Some come with advanced features, and some are just straightforward. If you are a tech-pro, you will always want something that will give you more pleasure with the latest technologies like vibrating, rotating head, etc. The range starts from $14 and can go up to any amount you can afford to spend. What are the best tips for masturbating? You are here to get some answers to make your session more fun-loving and exciting.

Therefore, we will take you through some of the best tips to follow to get the right level of satisfaction with the butt plugs you use. We will keep the topic straightforward and give you some information to believe in the form of self-love.

10 Female Masturbating Tips

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1. The hand will do the best job for you

A hand plays an essential role, and you must not hesitate to use it while masturbating. The foremost thing you need to do is be touchy. Touch your vagina, rub it with your hand, squeeze your boobs, and make yourself feel loved. You can insert your fingers into the vaginal area to feel the love you have for yourself. Touching with passion will increase your urges, and you will get the perfect orgasm within a few minutes.

2. Focus on your fantasies

The brain plays an essential role and is considered to be the largest sex organ. You might be having fantasies that you wish to fulfill with a man or woman. While masturbation, all you need to do is focus on your likes and the things that excite you. You need to act as if you are performing a job, as you imagine. Once you are on the right track, you will get an intense orgasm.

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3. Choose your favorite position

Like the positions you take while having sex, you need to take views while masturbating. Choose a comfortable place like your bed or sofa and open your legs wide-open. With one hand, touch your breast and nipples and rub your clitoris with the other. When you choose to play with this part of the body, you will get a clitoral orgasm like never before.

4. Penetrate your pussy for vaginal orgasm

You might have come across many myths related to vaginal O. Inserting fingers in the private part or using sex toys can be fun. They deliver the immense pleasure that makes you have more fun and increase the urges even if you do not get an orgasm.  However, if you wish to get high during masturbation, try stimulation with the G-spot.

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5. Experimentation with anal

As we have talked about the butt plugs, in the beginning, you can get your toy anytime and experiment with the anal. Anal orgasm exists, and therefore, you can use these plugs in the anal area and get an orgasm like never before. People with a penis enjoy anal orgasm. However, it is also for girls or ladies. Through anal-play, you can fire-up the G-spot. The wall between the rectum and vagina is thin, and therefore, you can get an ejaculation within a few minutes.

6. Expanding and compressing legs can give you orgasm

While performing self-love, your toys and hands will help you come to the point of orgasm. However, if you compress and expand your legs and butt movement, it will help in a much more enjoyable experience. We believe that when you bring your legs closer, it stimulates the clit. Through this practice, you will get the most fantastic feeling.

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7. Read a sexy book or watch a porn video before you begin

You can get yourself in the right mood by watching a porn movie or reading a book about sex. Doing this can make your sex organs activated and help your mind focus on the right thing. While masturbating, your brain plays a vital role. You need to have a set of thoughts to initiate this feeling. Your mind will make you imagine nasty things that will make you cum.

8. Choose different methods

Masturbation is never a one-size-fits-all technique. Everyone has different desires, and therefore, you need to experiment on the things that excite you. You cannot use similar methods like your friend and get an orgasm. Your body might get stimulated in some different aspects; therefore, we recommend using various toys and watching different movies, positions, etc.

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9. Listen to sexy sounds while masturbating

You can get similar feelings while listening to sexy music or sounds. It increases the ability of the mind to focus on the position happening there and then. The sounds excite you and will help you make the session more enjoyable.

10. Play with the erogenous zones

You can get a spark of pleasure all across your body by stimulating your parts such as nipples, ears, thighs, vagina lining. Thinking about these parts and touching them while masturbating will increase the urges to have sex, leading to a pleasurable session.

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Final Verdict

Masturbation is a healthy practice when you do it in the right manner. Women love to play with their body parts and have more urges as compared to men. Satisfying a woman is complex and complicated for men. Sometimes it becomes hard to get an orgasm even during active sex life. Therefore, performing self-love activities will deliver a passionate session.

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