6 Best Fitness Equipment Wholesale Dropshippers

Online sales are something that has been very present for many years and we are all used to buying that way, and many have started a business related to online sales. Dropshipping is an increasingly popular type of online business, and probably the most popular in the very near future.

If you don’t know, it is the type of store where the seller doesn’t have the products he sells, in a physical sense. The products are in the manufacturer’s warehouse from where they are sent to the customer. This is profitable for both the seller and the manufacturer, because a difference is made between their mutual price and the price for the buyers, so both parties benefit.

Also, the seller has more time to focus on promotion, and the manufacturer to create and produce. The seller also does not have to rent warehouses and shops, but does all the work online. This brings in very little initial investment and is therefore easy to get started. However, reputation is crucial, because there could potentially be a lot of problems in the seller-buyer and seller-producer relationship.

And since the fitness industry is among the industries with the highest annual revenue and in order for the sale of a product to pay off, there needs to be a great demand for it, because the earnings on one item are relatively small, today we will introduce you to the best fitness equipment wholesale dropshippers.

1. Chinabrands

Source: chinabrands

China is the largest market for dropshipping, and this can be seen by the world’s largest companies in this field, AliExpress, owned by Alibaba Group, which is Chinese company. Chinabrands has a huge range of all fitness equipment and clothing and general health related items. You will find a huge selection of clothes for the gym, but also exercise equipment. What attract people are very low prices. Most products are very cheap, usually up to ten dollars, so for very little money you can buy the complete fitness equipment and gym clothes you need. There are several hundred thousand products offered on their website and they are considered reliable.

2. GoTen

Source: issuewire

GoTen, a leading dropshipping platform that offers thousands of quality dropshipping products at wholesale prices in 2-7 days’ fast delivery from its global warehouses. They are considered the best when we talk about fitness equipment dropshipping. We have not yet been able to find a product that they do not have on offer. Dumbbells, weights, yoga mat, kettlebells and everything else you need for a successful workout, as well as gym clothes. Prices are very affordable, which attracts customers even more. Also delivery time, which is very short for dropshipping standards is an added plus for the GoTen Dropshipping platform. From 2012, when they started their business, they have a good reputation. There were no complaints about their reliability, only praise. For dropshipping fitness equipment, check out this website.


EPROLO, as a free dropshipping supplier, offers more than 300 thousand products. It can be used in various online stores, like Shopify, Woocommerce, eBay, etc. Not only providing fulfillment services, but EPROLO can also do sourcing. People can use it to source products from AliExpress and others. It’s easy to import AliExpress products by using its extension. With self-operated warehouses, the platform supports quality control and custom package boxes. It has developed a print on demand app which is also free to use. People can design their own products and sell them in stores.

4. Wholesale2B

Source: shopify

They have direct integration with Amazon and eBay which makes them a very popular option. The range of available products is huge, their website says that over a million products are available, and fitness equipment is certainly one of the focal points. They have a lot of plans available, so you will definitely choose the one that suits you. It can be paid through payment cards and PayPal, and the only complaint people have is poor customer support. While usually everything works properly and you don’t need customer support help, yet if you get into that situation, people have complained that they didn’t get a solution quickly through customer support.

5. Doba

Source: ceylonclick

The biggest advantage is the fantastically well-optimized website. The most important thing about any website is that people can easily navigate it, and the Doba website is a real example of that. It is very easy for both customers and dropshippers. Among the best-selling products are products from the category of sports and health.

6. Orbelo

Source: shopify

This platform is becoming increasingly popular due to its connection to Shopify. And Shopify is one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world. For this reason, it is very easy to work with Shopify. However, this can potentially be a drawback. Orbelo does not allow you to work with other websites than just Shopify. However, since this is not the main topic of our text now, Orbelo is certainly a very good choice for fitness equipment. The offer is large, the prices are slightly higher than on Chinese websites, but the quality is also better.

The biggest benefits of dropship fitness products online

Many ask themselves this question. So first let’s start with the most obvious. Everything related to fitness has been popular for decades and it seems to be a trend that is only growing more and more. From people who are dedicated to sports as a way of life to people who want to lose weight, everyone is buying such equipment often. Also the market is huge because there are so many manufacturers. Gone are the days when Nike and Adidas were the only companies. Now you have more and more quality products from all over the world, which do not have enough logistics to expand in foreign markets and then this is an ideal option.

Cooperation with reliable manufacturers

The biggest drawback of dropshipping is that product quality control is not possible. You also have no influence on the delivery, you just get the information and that’s it. So if the quality is poor or the delivery is too slow, you will bear the consequences as a seller. That is why it is important to do everything through reliable platforms that are protection for both you and your clients.

Source: bitbond


Whatever you buy, it is crucial that you buy it from a reliable dropshipper. Especially when it comes to wholesale, where every mistake will be much more expensive for you than when buying a single item. And when we talk about fitness equipment, the variations in quality are so great that you have to pay attention to it as well.

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