Webcam Sites Are Dominating Adult Entertainment

The world of adult entertainment is changing, and changing fast. While most people assume that tube sites and clip sites are still driving the industry, behind the scenes, it’s all about the webcam. Adult cam sites like MyFreeCams, Chaturbate, and Streamate are taking over the online porn world, backed by thousands of independent models that are reshaping the way porn is produced, distributed, and enjoyed.

With the advent of “e-girl” culture, online sex work and its adjacent counterparts have been thrust to the forefront of the discussion by young adults in all forms of social media. And while opinions are still fairly divided on whether or not people are okay with it, it’s safe to say that more and more young adults are engaging in digital sex work than ever before.

Between “hustle culture” and more recently, the coronavirus pandemic, the appeal of webcam sites to young adults is obvious. Both millennials and “zoomers” have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, derived from hard lessons learned from a decades-long history of disloyalty and exploitation in traditional employment. Today, swaths of nouveau riche financial gurus encourage a mentality of “getting in your bag and staying in it,” prioritizing passion in the pursuit of fortune and having “multiple income streams” to pull from.

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The toxicity of such a mentality is another discussion entirely, but its popularity is undeniable. Young workers by and large favor independent contracting positions over mere employment to have a greater sense of control over their schedule and earning potential. This includes delivery driving, ride-sharing, and of course, webcam modeling, where every performer can work from home and “be their own boss.”

As it turns out, even the world’s most beloved porn stars are turning to some of the best adult webcam sites to boost their popularity and income. Most people are under the assumption that porn stars vastly outearn webcam models, but this isn’t necessarily true. Adult film stars typically get paid one fixed rate to shoot per scene and don’t see any royalties afterward, driving many to supplement filming with NSFW live streams. This is true now more than ever due to widespread lockdowns, which adult film studios are just now gradually recovering from.

According to during these lockdowns, cam sites experienced record-breaking volumes of traffic and new sign-ups. It turns out porn clips aren’t quite as engaging or rewarding as interacting with a hot girl in real-time, especially when new content isn’t being made. Combined with growing anxieties of isolation all over the world, adult chat sites quickly became venues for not just sexual release, but emotional release as well. The interactive nature of camming takes porn to a whole new level and allows direct input from viewers so they can get exactly what they came for–no pun intended.

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Why is it Happening?

Today’s porn industry is rapidly shifting from studio-produced clips to amateur live cams. Sure, we might have the pandemic to thank for this, but it’s only proven what we all know to be true: real people are essential. And you can’t get them from a clip. However, there are other influences that haven’t been discussed in these circles. It can be said that a lot of pornographic movies tend to go over the top in the last couple of years. In terms of over the top, we mean the acting.

At the same time, we can see that a lot of scenes are simply not real enough, which pushes a lot of people to amateur movies. The reason is that these are situations that can occur in real life, which provides a whole another experience for the viewers. This is one of the main reasons amateur is one of the most popular categories on pornographic websites such as xHamster, Pornhub, Tube8, Reality Kings, etc.

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We can see that technological advancements in terms of production are simply not enough for many of the viewers due to the acting and scenarios being too different from reality. This is known for a fact since we can see that many surveys conducted in various different countries put an amateur in the top 3 spots almost without any mistakes. We can see that some of the most popular porn websites are exactly that, webcam streamers, who will provide you with an opportunity to watch people stream their activities on these websites.

As we’ve mentioned, the coronavirus lockdown surely had a massive influence on people to watch some of these. There are numerous reasons for this happening. There are a lot of people who saw this as a way to earn some extra money during the months where almost nobody was working his regular hours. Plus, we can see that a lot of people lost their jobs in the process. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that people saw the chance to earn extra money. We can see that internet activity witnessed a significant jump during quarantine months. So, there is absolutely no reason why people shouldn’t take advantage of it in any means possible.

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Webcam Sites is the new Black

Now, that we’ve mentioned all of the reasons why this is happening in the last couple of months, we can see what the results are. The dominance of webcam sites in the pornographic industry is something that nobody can deny. Plus, we can see that the activity on these websites is now higher than it has ever been. In the end, it should be said that more people are streaming this kind of content now more than ever. We absolutely have no doubt that the industry will carefully follow this trend and make the most of it in the future. Let’s face it, wherever the money leads industry will follow.

Many people have experienced their concerns about industry introducing some new features and appliances to this content. However, it can be seen that there haven’t been similar plans to update this kind of content since it manages to attract a significant number of consumers in the last couple of days. The coronavirus lockdown as a thing that managed to push this trend even more than it was.

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