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Top 9 Reasons People Get a Tattoo Removal

Getting a tattoo has been a common tradition since ancient times. The oldest tattoo known was found on the body of a man from the ice age. It’s a tradition that apparently did not disappear with the rise of technology and the global culture shift. In modern times, tattoos are a form of art and self-expression that is used for fashion purposes, lifestyle choices, or as a source of money for people all over the world. They have become extremely popular, and therefore, the industry has seen a lot of developments and enhancements. Modern tattoo techniques and tools have revolutionized the market and made it easier for people to make the decision.

With that being said, the tattoo removal process has also been through drastic changes and development, which makes it easier, faster, and cheaper than ever before. You don’t have to worry about having a butterfly on your shoulder your whole life because you can simply remove it in a few sessions. No matter how much you love your tattoo, one day you might need to get rid of it for so many reasons.

Here’s a list of the most common reasons why.

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1. Workplace Professionalism

Even though tattoos are becoming more acceptable in the workplace, some jobs don’t allow their employees to have visible tattoos. Some of the employees with tattoos find it harder to get promoted or to reflect a professional image when it comes to their clients.

Your tattoo could represent something that is offensive to others, and it could be a symbol of something that gives people a chance to misunderstand and judge you. This is a very common reason for people to get tattoo removal.

2. Relationship issues

Many people tend to get tattoos when they begin dating someone. They sometimes get matching tattoos, symbols that remind them of their partner, a promise they made to each other, or even worse, a tattoo of the partner’s name. But what happens when you break up? You don’t have to go through a painful tattoo removal experience when you’re already hurting, and therefore, you can find plenty of painless tattoo removal solutions online.

If you research carefully, you will find more information that will help you get rid of the tattoo and the breakup pain without going through a painful hassle. This way,  it could be easier for you to have a fresh start and free yourself from relationships that wear you down. Remove that tattoo, and you can become more confident and independent again.

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3. You got bored

Maybe the tattoo is not trendy anymore, or you liked the design when you were younger but, now that you’re a little older, you’re not sure if you want to keep it. The thing about getting a tattoo is to get something you love, a symbol that means something to you, and if that fades away, then it’s time for you to remove it.  You don’t have to live with regret your whole life. Now that the tattoo removal process is easy, if you don’t want it to be etched on your skin forever, then it shouldn’t be.

4. You don’t remember

Many people get tattoos during a super drunken night. Imagine this, you’re on vacation with your girlfriends in Thailand, and throughout a wild night of bar hopping, you guys decide it would be a great idea to get an elephant tattooed on your legs as a reminder of the beautiful time you all spent together. However, you’ll probably regret this decision the next morning. If you do, it’s ok to go and get it removed before anyone else sees it.

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5. You want more tattoos

Some people just love getting tattoos; they’re addicted to the way it feels, looks, and makes them feel about themselves. If you’re one of these folks, then you have been probably getting tattoos for a few years now, and you might be regretting some decisions. People might get one tattoo on their arm but, a couple of years later, they want to tattoo the whole area. That’s when removing an old tattoo would sound like a perfect plan to get an even bigger one or get a specific sleeve tattoo.

6. You don’t like it

As we grow older, our mindsets, ideas, and beliefs change. If you get a tattoo and, after a while, change your mind about a particular idea you might not want this tattoo to be on your skin anymore. People change their minds about a lot of things, and that’s ok. You shouldn’t be living with a symbol on your skin that you don’t even like anymore. Check this blog post by Removery for more information.

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7. It’s related to things you no longer value

People have different beliefs throughout their lives. We might be born in a family that adopts a certain belief and grow out of it. If you have a tattoo that reflects that belief and you don’t quite believe in it anymore, then you’re going to want to remove it.

8. It’s a bad memory

What if you got a matching tattoo with a best friend, back when you thought your friendship would last forever. However, that relationship took a different turn, and now you don’t even talk anymore, or that person has caused you pain and hurt you, then it would absolutely make sense to have it removed.

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9. You want to become a role model

Many people want their tattoos removed as soon as they become new parents. They don’t want their kids to see that their parents with tattoos from their past life that will probably encourage them to get a tattoo as well. Some parents also believe it will make their kids respect them less. If you’re a teacher or a college professor and you don’t want your students to see that side of you, and you’re willing to give it up, then you can get your tattoo removed.

The thing is, it doesn’t matter why you want it removed what matters; you got one when you wanted it. And the fact that removing it is not a big deal. We’re born in a generation that is driven by technological advancements and, therefore, constantly changing, and we adjust accordingly. The beauty of tattoos is that they represent a part of you, and it’s ok to let go of that part whenever you want to.

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