Nokia Lumia 930 Review

Android has covered the market so densely that no other operating system can’t afford to withstand against it. Windows, Tizen OS and Mozilla tried a lot to break the market of Android but were not able to do so. Windows OS is one to be preferred as best option other than Android. Windows and Android has faced head to head competition but every time Android smartphones wins the competition because of only one reason. Android OS is been preferred by most of the manufacturers and users can choose their favorite ones among huge variants but on other hand Windows smartphones is preferred by Nokia and specs and features of Nokia is far low compare to Android smartphones.

Nokia Lumia series are the one dealing with Windows OS and Microsoft is trying best to come up with all the features which are essential in computing but the developers of the Windows are slow than other OS which results in decline of Windows operated phones. All this features are now slowly resolved by Nokia and come up with powerful new flagship named Nokia Lumia 930.  New Lumia 930 will have better hardware specs and features essential to lower the heat of Android in the market. Let’s dive deep in this flagship to know about pros and cons associated with this flagship.

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Design and Packaging:

Nokia is always known for its sturdy design in the smartphone and same is carried in its new flagship. Nokia 930 is next installment in Nokia 900 series and this time they come up with more power and more reliability. Looks of the phone is very enchanting with rectangular body shape and slight curve on all the sides. Sides of the phone are aluminum metallic chassis which provides tough grip on hands and back of the phone is colorful. You can choose from different colors introduced by Nokia. Colorful sturdy body is key USP for all Nokia Lumia series smartphones. Nokia Lumia 930 is now only phone released recently to have capacitive touch buttons rest all the smartphones launched by Nokia have buttons included in the screen.

Front of the phone looks decent with 5-inch display in centre and above the display we have set of sensors like Ambient light sensor and proximity light sensor. Above the display also has earpiece and front camera of the phone. Below the display we have three capacitive touch buttons like back, windows home and search buttons. Sides of the phone looks smooth and have hardware buttons like Power key, Volume control key and dedicated camera key. No more Nokia Lumia phone has dedicated camera key but as this smartphone is revived again it has same feature like of previous Nokia Lumia 930. Back of the phone is colorful but made of tough fiber body to take knocks easily. Back of the phone has camera and flash below it has branding of Nokia and on the right side of the bottom we have loudspeaker outlet. All we can say design section is worked well by Nokia.

Display / Screen:

Nokia has made use of all the technology in its display section, lower and mid-range phones is given by IPS LCD display and high-end segment is given by AMOLED display and OLED display. Nokia also came up with Clear Black feature for its display which gifted an enchanting looks to its flagship. Nokia Lumia 930 is launched with powerful display feature as it is powered by Super AMOLED display with full HD resolution and packed pixel density of 441.

No other Nokia Lumia phone had such decent display configuration before. Screen ranges with 5-inch which is also a great improvement in Nokia smartphones, we have experienced screen of 4.5-inches then straight away Nokia moved to 6-inch smartphone but now Nokia has realized about the market trend and with on-going trend it came up with 5-inch display.

Display is scratch resistant as it is protected by Gorilla Glass 3 feature, display produces vivid color output with decent viewing angle experience. If you are more prone to watch movies and games then this display will drive you crazy because even while tilting the phone display does not loses colors. Display feature is adapted well by Nokia.

Hardware and Performance:

Nokia Lumia series had great problem with hardware configurations, when world was sailing with quad-core processor engine in Android powered smartphones at that time Nokia was busy with its dual-core processors and lower RAM configurations in it. Lower hardware specs were one of the big reasons for Nokia to fail against the Android manufacturers. As Nokia is a fighter, company improved itself and launched Nokia 930 with hardware specs of 2.2GHz processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 supporting with 2GB RAM and Adreno 330 GPU.

Windows phone is mostly preferred by workaholic person so all the computing instruction can be taken well care by four-core processors and 2GB RAM. HD gaming can be enjoyed in this phone efficiently but bad news is that Windows has very less option of games. Phone is given with huge internal storage of 32GB and if you wish to expand the storage then you will be disappointed as there is no expansion slot in Nokia Lumia 930.

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