How a Chiropractor Can Help You Fix Postures?

A chiropractor is a trained health professional whose job is to make sure that your body is functioning as appropriately and efficiently as possible by using manual chiropractic adjustments and manipulation of the spine.

Chiropractic is an alternative medicine that concerns the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders, especially the spine.

The majority of chiropractors try to reduce pain and enhance the functionality of patients. In addition to this, many chiropractors educate their patients on how they can improve their health by teaching them various exercises and by making their patients aware of various therapies like ART (Active Release Technique). Dr. Ricardo Lalama is the type of chiropractor who offers chiropractic services and helps his patients with this and similar problems.

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Importance of a good posture

Sustaining a good posture certifies that your bones are in the proper alignment with the rest of the body. A good posture keeps your body parts in proper position with minimum or no stress.

A proper posture will allow you to work competently with less fatigue and strain on the body’s muscles.

A good posture will decrease the risk of back injury and prevent the wearing and tearing of the muscles. It also helps to improve digestion and leads to the conservation of more energy. A good posture will make your organs function properly. Chances of backache, joint pain, and cervical attacks are more in people with poor posture.

There are multiple reasons for having a poor posture. Some of them include stress, injuries, carrying heavy bags, low self-confidence, the habit of wearing high heels, pregnancy, weak postural muscles, weight gain, etc. Proper treatment from your chiropractor can help you to retrieve your healthy posture.

Ways a chiropractor can help you acknowledge how to fix a bad posture

A chiropractor can aid you in improving your poor posture by recommending you various exercises to strengthen your postural muscles.

Chiropractors can aid you with multiple different postural problems like:

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  • Scoliosis
  • Uneven hips and pelvis
  • Forward head carriage
  • Neck pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Hunchback
  • Injuries due to car accidents
  • Sports injuries
  • Arthritic pain
  • sciatica

By seeking help from your chiropractor, you can easily maintain your posture properly by performing various exercises and recommendations on proper positions during different activities.

1. Assessment


A chiropractor first assesses you and your body by asking you multiple questions about your daily routine, lifestyle, sleep schedule, exercise habits, frequency of exercise, and most important where you are having pain and uneasiness. These questions can help your chiropractor identify the principal cause behind your bad posture.

2. Examining your posture

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Now your chiropractor assesses your spine and joints to check any dysfunctionality. If any are found, can be corrected by performing chiropractic adjustments.

A chiropractor examines you thoroughly, taking note of your bad posture which includes arched back, uneven shoulders, and pelvis, or any other symmetry issues. A chiropractic adjustment also leads to restore and revive your body’s natural healing property.

3. Staying active

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Your chiropractor can help you in improving your poor posture by recommending you various exercises to make your postural muscles strong.

Stretching and regular exercise can be very beneficial to maintain your body’s good posture. You have to keep in mind that while performing these recommended activities you should keep your body in the proper posture or otherwise it can lead to injury or pain.

4. Making adjustments

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The chiropractic adjustment is a process in which chiropractors with the help of their hands apply a controlled, effective, and sudden force to spinal joints. This process aims to enhance spinal motion and leads to the improvement of the body’s physical functionality.

This process is sometimes referred to as spinal manipulation. These adjustments increase movement in joints, lessen strain in surrounding muscles, and will help you to maintain a good posture without bearing any kind of pain.

5. Working with tissue

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Apart from spinal manipulation, working with muscles is also essential for maintaining a good posture. Sometimes several muscles tighten up due to the inactivity of some muscles because of injury and weakness.

This causes your spine or shoulder to enter into an unhealthy state. By recommending muscle releasing and muscle strengthening exercises, your chiropractor can correct this imbalance of the soft tissue.

6. Rehabilitation and stretching

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One of the major reasons behind the poor posture is the weakening of the muscles due to the increased strain and tension in the muscles.

With the help of certain muscle releasing and strengthening exercises recommended by your chiropractor, you can provide strength to your weaker muscles and improve your posture and quality of life. These exercises promote better circulation and toning of the muscles.

7. Chiropractic therapies

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  • Alternate heat and cold therapy- Ice packs are used to numb the effective area for over 15 minutes and then immediately switched with a heat wrap or hot water bag to increase the blood flow in the effective area and fasten the process of healing.
  • Massage- Chiropractors may advise you various massages to enhance blood circulation, lessen the inflammation and swelling associated with the back pain, and increase the body’s natural healing property.
  • Dietary management- The majority of chiropractors guide you about how an improved diet may help you to get rid of back pain and some of them may advise you to take dietary supplements after chiropractic adjustments.
  • Ultrasound- Sound waves generate heat therapy that aids in micro-messaging the soft tissues and joints, ultrasound therapy helps in the reduction of backache, stiffness, and muscle spasm and accelerates healing.


Chiropractic care offers you a variety of advantages to maintain a healthy body. You can always contact a good chiropractor for any kind of postural issues. They will help you in improving your posture and will even suggest some exercises that will turn out to be beneficial for you.

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