3 Reasons Why WoW Classic is Still So Popular in 2024

The gaming industry is surprising us with new titles each year, and most recent video games have more realistic graphics and gameplay that provides gamers with an amazing experience. However, some games have kept their popularity for a long time. Developers are introducing patches and updates to keep older titles compatible with the most recent hardware and software on PCs. That is the case with World of Warcraft from Blizzard, which was introduces in 2003, and still holds a huge base of players. This company surprised many by introducing the latest mode for this game, where you can play it in the same way as when it was announced for the first time.

The main feature of the standard World of Warcraft is that there are frequent changes and additions with updates and expansions that are adding new stories and quests. The most recent expansion is Shadowlands. On the other side, WoW Classis represents an expansion that brings you back in the virtual world of heroes, quests, and various creatures like it were in the first few years after the release. Developers recreated the old version of the game by making it compatible with modern PCs, with better graphics, while most things stayed the same. Also, you can buy various items and WoW gold in this expansion as well, by visiting lootwowgold.

Many people became interested in Classic mode from the same moment after Blizzard announced it, especially older generations that were enjoying playing the older version around 15 years ago. On the other hand, beginners and people who never played this game are also interested in playing it, mostly because it represents a completely different experience when we compare it with the standard model of this MMORPG. Here are the main reasons why WoW Classic is still so popular in 2024.

1. Interesting and Challenging Quests


When we compare classic mode with some latest expansions, the first difference that most gamers notice is that completing quests is much more difficult in WoW Classic. That means your progress and leveling will also be much slower, but that was the case with the first few expansions as well, which makes this mode completely the same as the original version. The best way to level up faster along with the resolving the quests is to find loots that will provide your hero with some special abilities and to kill neutrals to gain more gold and experience. Also, you will have to train your character to improve his skills.

Another big difference between standard and this mode is that you will need much more time to complete even some simple quests or to travel from one area to another. Many people find this interesting, especially those who want to spend hours playing this game every day. For example, since Classic mode does not have an heirloom mount, you will need to walk across the whole map to resolve various missions and kill neutrals and all sorts of creatures along the way. While it might seem boring when you have to walk everywhere and spend much more time to complete quests and gain experience, people are amused and motivated to explore each corner of this virtual world.

2. Great Community

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While it might get boring to spend so much time while trying to walk around the map, explore the world, hunt, and complete missions, it will surely amuse you that you will have to interact with other players, trade, create alliances, and more. The modern version of this game allows you to play it successfully all on your own.

However, developers brought back the feature that made WoW some popular in the first place, and that is the need to collaborate with other people and gain benefits from that. This game provides you with the ability to become a part of a great community and to share your knowledge with other players. For example, players can help each other in finding items, collecting gold, resolving quests, training, and much more. There is still a way to perform as a single unit, but team play will get you much bigger chances to have faster and more efficient progress.

Another reason why you should become a part of some larger group and focus on team play is that there is only one server for Classic mode, which means that you should try to build your reputation in the best possible way from the start. The best way to gain more reputation is to participate in some collective missions where many players can share the prizes. Also, this method can help you to finish some missions in a much shorter time.

3. You Will Need Better Skills

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Another big difference is that Classic is much harder to play than other extensions, and you can expect a lot of difficulties, especially at the start. Since your hero is much weaker, the whole world represents a deadly place where even a weaker neutral could harm you a lot. Also, you will need a longer time to deal even with the weakest creatures. However, many people find this as an advantage, since you can enjoy playing it for a much longer time.

Everything is harder, from resolving quests to leveling and gaining more experience, which means that you will have to explore all of the possibilities out there to find a way to make your hero stronger. Moreover, the big contrast between older titles and most recent video games is that now you can buy loot boxes that can instantly provide you with better abilities. On the other side, older video games require much better skills and a lot of experience for better performance.

Last Words

This mode also offers you the ability to buy gold which is necessary for buying items and progressing, but playing it in an old-fashioned way, by putting more effort will provide you with the best possible experience, like it was in the 2003 and years after, when this game was introduced. Furthermore, people who were playing the original version of this game 15 years ago are returning to play it again because of the feel of nostalgia, because this game represented a virtual world where you could create friendships, and there is a whole community raised from this game.

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