Photography Tips For Beginners: Get The Most From Your Camera

When we travel with family and friends, we all wish that we return with some amazing and memorable pictures of the journey that we can keep and cherish forever. There is always a designated photographer of the group whose skills are better with the camera.

Professional travel photographers are one step ahead of their cameras. As much as a spectacular picture comes from a good rated camera, it is a result of the refined skills of the photographer holding it.

If you want to capture photographs for memories, it’s always fun taking photos with friends. If your goal is take photos for Brands with adventure photography, you must hire a professional to do the work for you. Gregg Jaden Studios is one such platform where skilled photographers work to provide the best brand experiences and state of the art results with their camera.

Photo: Gregg Jaden Instagram @greggjaden_ Monterey Aquarium, CA – Sony a7RIII Camera

Tips for taking great shots for beginners

Here are some tips that you can use to click astounding shots to come home from a vacation, shots that you can’t wait to flaunt in front of your family, friends, and neighbors:

1. Know your camera and its features

  • Learn aperture, ISO and shutter speed
  • Keep practicing as much as you can to learn from your mistakes
  • Know how much stabilization and clarity with what shutter speed. Start around 1/125 sec and go up from there for fast moving subjects. Shaky hands start at 1/250 sec.

2. Learn the best times to click the best shot

  • The best time of day to click pictures are called the golden hour and blue hour.
  • A golden hour gives a magical glow to your shots as the sun stands low at this time.
  • When the sun gives a blue hue to the sky after setting below the horizon, its gets the best out of any landscape picture.

3. Learn how to move yourself to adjust the angles

  • Use the “rule-of-thirds” for clicking a good shot.
  • Only use the middle grid for your subject during a portrait shoot.
  • Frame your subjects and all other essentials completely.
  • Move around more to find the best angle for clicking a photograph.

4. Acquaint yourself with the knowledge of exposure angle

  • Use manual mode of your mirrorless camera to get maximum control of the ISO, shutter speed and aperture.
  • These 3 combined are referred to as exposure angle and learning to balance them is essential to click a perfect shot.

5. Purchase and learn a good editing tool like Lightroom Classic or Adobe Photoshop

  • Editing is an art and makes a normal picture different from a splendid one.
  • You can start from free editing apps like Snapseed photo editing then move up to a more professional one after you have perfected some skills.

Characteristics of a good travel photographer

Photo: Gregg Jaden British Columbia Canada – Sony a7RIII Camera

Here are the traits that make someone great at taking pictures that are professional and breathtaking:

  • They know how to use all the features that a Sony Mirrorlesscan offer. Shooting modes, focus, exposure, lenses, and editing; you must be familiar with all.
  • You are ready to step in the worst of weather conditions to get a perfect click, even if it involves waking up in the middle of the night for a spectacular picture of the stars. Be ready to sacrifice.
  • You know your basics regarding the composition of the visual elements, alignment of gridlines, and have a thorough practice with it. Choose you background wisely.
  • You utilize the natural lights for the best shot and are ready to wait hours to get the best light for a perfect shot.
  • You know the art of editing the photographs you have taken to make every picture unique and a statement click.
  • Editing also gives your shots your own identity and individuality.
  • You are ready to invest in a mirrorless camera to take your photographic skills to another level.
  • You do not take things for granted and you invest time to learn and practice every day.

This is what makes you a great photographer.

How to take care of your health when you are always on the go?

When you are a travel photographer, you are almost always on the road which makes it harder for you to exercise and eat healthy. However, you need to stay fit to be able to explore the world better as your work demands. Here are some tips to stay fit when you life is a constant adventure:

  1. Engage in some exercise whenever you can sneak in some quiet place and get time, even if it is as short as 15 minutes of sprints or pushups.
  2. Make friends wherever you go. In this way, you can visit their gym or a training session whenever you visit the place again.
  3. Plan your travel during your off days, when you just decide to take it easy. Be flexible with your travel plans.
  4. Choose to ride a bicycle, or hike, or explore on feet when you are on an adventurous travel to get good photographs and to keep you fit at the same time.
  5. Never compromise with your sleep. If you are well rested, you achieve better from a short training session than when your body is still in the recovery mode.
  6. Try locally cooked food instead of eating at big restaurants. You can even visit local friends for a chance to eat with them at their home.
  7. Keep up with your water intake. Frequent travel can keep you dehydrated and balancing your electrolytes is essential especially when you are travelling in hot, humid conditions.
  8. Explore local produce, vegetables and fruits, to get a taste of something new and also to keep a track of calories that goes in.
Soource: Adventure Travel Tips

Give yourself some time, flexibility, and practice. Work on finishing and mastering your skills. Even if you don’t have a profession degree; you can still become the best at your work just by polishing what you know, giving it patience and efforts.

Lastly, never forget that your health is important too and you can accomplish as much as your body allows. Take care of yourself while giving the world some astounding clicks.

Keep learning and practicing to master the art of travel photography!

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