Apple iOS 8 Update now available, check Features

Apple announced the Apple iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus and launched the iOS 8 just 2 days prior of these two iPhone launch. As promised, Apple launched the iOS 8 on 17th of September this month. But not all the iPhone or iPad are going to receive the update. The devices which are capable of running the new OS will be receiving the update by Apple. So, which are those products that are capable of running iOS 8. iPhone 4s and the newer iPhone’s, iPad 2 and all the newer versions of iPad, iPod Touch 5th Gen, and all the iPad Mini versions. These are all the products which are going to receive the update for iOS 8.


Let’s have a look at the features of the iOS 8 and what it has to offer us when it is compared to the iOS 7. The iOS 8 offers many new features and improved camera, photos and keyboards are on e of the improvement ion the new iOS 8 update. The fair and very important feature that iOS 8 possesses is the Health kit and Health Apps. This Health kit Api will be used by the app developers to create more apps and utilities for enhancing the usage of the Health apps which will co-relate and work efficiently. This Health App is the great app for keeping your day up to date with the activities you did in the whole day. That will give you an aim to shoot at when you start your activity next time.

One more awesome feature in the new update which is been called as call continuity feature. What it does exactly, when your iPad is connected to your iPhone, the n you can continue your call on the iPad as well. You can seamlessly toggle between the different devices which are connected in the iOS 8 family, most importantly your iPad and iPad mini.

With these many features, more features have been introduced like the interactive notifications, app widgets in notification center and new improved messages which gives you an option to manage the group conversation and this is the first time this option is being introduced. Another big feature is the Home kit which will allow the users of iOS 8 deices to control the home appliances with the iOS 8 device seemingly. Now hopping on to the update part, you can make an over the air update by going into the settings> General> Software update. Wi-Fi connection is recommended for making the new update and lastly, enjoys your new iOS 8 update.

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