7 Reasons Why You Should Learn a New Language 

Some people have dedicated their lives to learning new languages and indulging in other cultures; not only because it is extremely fun, but also for how fruitful it is. These people understand how beneficial learning more than one language can be. The road to learning a second language is not an easy one, but it certainly is rewarding on so many levels. In our globalized world, learning a new language can open the door to many traveling opportunities, and it also has the power to improve your career prospects.

While you might think that being bilingual will only give you an advantage in your practical life, the truth is, scientific research has proven that learning a second language has a great effect on your mental and psychological health as well. If you are reluctant to embark on this adventure, these seven benefits will convince you to get started today!

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1. Meeting New People

Learning a new language does not only open the door to numerous career opportunities, but it also widens your social pool and allows you to meet and connect with new people. Even if you aren’t planning to travel, you can ensure that you will make new friends, especially if you are learning in a group setting. If you decide to travel, you will be surprised at how open and friendly people become when you can communicate with them in their mother tongue.

2. Food for Brain

In our digitally-driven world, many of us spend our free time aimlessly scrolling through our feed for hours on end. This daily habit that the majority of millennials and the younger generations have picked up is known to have detrimental effects on brain functions. Learning a new language is a beneficial and refreshing way to fill time while stimulating the brain.

Just like the internet has brought many bad habits into our daily routines, it also gave us a window to many new opportunities that were not available to us before. The innovative developers at clarify that, nowadays, you can use your smartphone to add a new language to your skillset from the comfort of your own home, without having to get off the couch or pay hundreds of dollars for a language course. This has the ability to improve your memory, enhance your problem-solving skills, and increase your concentration levels. Maneuvering between two languages effortlessly is a great sign of creativity and multitasking abilities.

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3. It Enhances Your CV

If you have spent enough time in the business world, you would know how important languages are in the market. Degrees are extremely powerful, but languages can surpass them in terms of gravity. Many people who have not graduated from college still find many awesome opportunities, thanks to the multiple languages they speak. Adding fluency in a second language to your CV immediately skyrockets your chances of getting whichever job you apply for. Hiring managers always view this skill as a valuable asset. Multilingual people have an instant advantage in any competitive field because fluency in a second language is considered an essential skill that sets you apart from your peers.

4. A Window to Other Cultures

Learning a new language is not a two-dimensional process like many people think. When you learn a new language, you immerse yourself in other people’s cultures. Without visiting the country, you will be able to learn a lot about its culture and people just by learning their language and how they refer to things. For example, in Spanish, bridges are referred to using a female pronoun, which is why many people associate them with beauty and elegance. In German, people refer to bridges as strong and durable, using a male pronoun.

These small differences are interesting and fun to learn, and they show you how people in different parts of the world live and think. Discovering new cultures will inevitably lead to a more open-minded, empathetic, and flexible personality.

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5. Delayed Dementia

Experts have managed to prove the various health benefits of learning a new language. However, one advantage has stood out the most, which is the delayed onset of dementia. This scary disease is a nightmare that many people, unfortunately, can not avoid due to their family medical history. Yet, surprisingly, scientists have been studying the direct link between learning a new language and dementia. The results, so far, have been promising, showing that people who speak more than one language were found to have stronger brains that manage to fight off dementia for five years more than monolinguals.

6. A Confidence Boost

Being cooped up in one place for so long where you don’t feel like you can really find yourself is detrimental to your mental health, and it can affect your self-esteem. Anyone who’s learning a new language knows the struggle of making mistakes and working on themselves for long hours in order to perfect their knowledge and accent. Putting yourself out there and leaving your comfort zone is necessary to learn. This learning process will provide you with a sense of accomplishment and a confidence boost that will help you build character and raise your self-esteem.


7. See the World

Any travel enthusiast understands the struggle of going to a country that doesn’t speak your language. Instead of having a broken line of communication that alienates you from other people and keeps you from enjoying all that the world has to offer, it’s always better to learn the basics of the country’s language in order to be able to handle yourself when you are navigating outside the tourist bubble. This way, you will be able to really understand more about the country, the people, and the culture.

Our world is growing more interconnected and interdependent every day. Without speaking two or more languages, you will be restricting and limiting yourself. Learning a new language has many benefits, not only for academic and career purposes but for your overall health as well. Speaking multiple languages is a great addition to your CV and a fantastic boost to your mental abilities.


Now, when we listed all the benefits you can get from learning a new language, you can have a clear picture that learning a new language can turn from a hobby to a useful lifetime experience. If you decide after reading this article to try with this practice, you can consult with the experts from Language Trainers that will be more than happy to collaborate with you and add you to their team. Thanks to technology development, many things are now available to us, as well as attending online classes. So, you can stay safe and learn a new language from the comfort of your home!

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