All the Ways Technology Is Making Roads Safer

Today, technology has encompassed all spheres of life, be it education, medicine, industry, banking, or anything else that you can think of. Man has brought in the use of technology to improve his life in all situations. Not only that, but this has also brought down the death rate in many ways. Many people lose their lives due to road accidents. Fortunately, the use of technology has made traveling on the roads safer, reducing the number of accident deaths. Here is how.


Reinventing the Traffic Lights

We have been using automated three-color traffic lights for years on the roads. Now, with recent developments, many countries have replaced the round incandescent lights used in these signals with LEDs. Even though they are more expensive, LEDs have many advantages. They are more energy-efficient, have lower power consumption, are much brighter leading to better visibility in rain and snow, have no rear reflection, and longer life. LEDs also allow the use of lights of different shapes whereas incandescent lights could only be round. Square lights used with  LEDs illuminate a larger area which results in increased visibility. The countdown traffic lights are also very useful as the drivers know exactly how much time they need to wait. It helps them keep their patience.

Light Up the Path

Roads can be lit up to avoid accidents. Cat’s eyes are used to guide the drivers on the road at night. These are reflective road markers which are especially used in highly populated traffic areas. SolarLite, an alternative to the cat’s eyes is a better option as it comes with rechargeable battery power. Some countries have started to use glow-in-the-dark paint which can absorb solar energy during the day and then glow at night. In other places, dynamic paint is being used to alert the drivers. This paint changes color according to the change in temperatures.


Smart Traffic Control

We are in a ‘real-time’ world today with everything being taken care of immediately. This kind of traffic control will obviously help in reducing the number of accidents. Real-time traffic control systems are especially used in accident-prone areas. By using simple real-time traffic management techniques to transmit live data, the existing traffic control system can be improved upon. Smart traffic control can either be local or used over a wider area as well. At the local level, vehicles at intersections of minor and major streets are detected.

The presence of vehicles on the minor streets triggers a red light on the major streets. Wide area smart traffic control systems adjust the traffic lights and speed limits based on the traffic in a particular area. Sensors, signs, and traffic lights controlled remotely and cameras form the base of smart traffic control. Information is collected by the traffic management centers and light and traffic signs are adapted as per the same.


Prevents Common Accidents

There are a number of reasons why accidents usually occur. The professionals at have identified a few such reasons. Some of them are speeding, distracted driving, drowsy or drunk driving, defects in the automotive, or poor road conditions. The proper use of technology can take care of some of these problems like defects in the automotive and poor road conditions.

Better Technology, Safer Vehicles

With the advancement in technology, the automotive industry has come up with many innovations that have already saved millions of lives. Airbags, mounted brake lights, child safety seats, electronic stability control, and seat belts are some vehicle safety improvements put in practice.


In-Car Connectivity

In-car connectivity uses hands-free technology to enable the drivers to use their cell phones without taking their hands off the steering wheel and their eyes off the road. You can make and receive calls, hear text messages and even listen to the news read out to you using the in-car system.

Self Driving Developments

Many cars come with a lot of self-driving features that help maintain the safety of the driver. Cruise control is one such system that allows you to set the speed limit of your car. This enables the system to take over the throttle and maintain the speed set by you thereby enabling a safe speed. Active parking assist is another development that is in use. It helps identify a parking place and also takes care of parallel parking. The steering wheel is taken care of by the car system and you only need to control the accelerator and the brakes. Another safety feature that your car comes with is the lane departure warning or the lane-keeping system. In this system, you are alerted by a vibration on the steering wheel if you happen to drive out of your lane by chance. At times, it also provides a steering torque to guide your vehicle back into the original lane.

Source: Robotics Business Review

Smart Motorways

Smart motorways are a definite step ahead in ensuring the safety of the vehicles on the roads. These motorways can easily change the speed limit depending upon the traffic at a particular time. It is also possible to activate warning signs in case of any accidents ahead and close any lanes if required in order to clear the routes for any emergency vehicles.

Self Driving Cars

The rate at which technology is developing, the day when we will have self-driven cars is not far. Self-driven autonomous cars could bring down the accident rate a great deal by eliminating the chances of human error and distractions which are the cause of a majority of mishaps.

Source: The New York Times

Use of Smart Apps

There are many smart apps available which silence incoming text message alerts. The maps installed in the apps can also direct the vehicles along roads with less traffic and help avoid congested traffic areas.

The way technology is developing and has already developed to a certain extent, has made the roads definitely a lot safer than they were earlier. This has helped in reducing the death rate due to accidents in most countries. Along with the safety measures that the advancement in technology has brought about, strictly following the traffic rules is extremely important. Wish you all happy and safe driving.

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