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Belfast, the wonderful Northern Irish capital is actually experiencing at the moment a massive resurgence in interest as a destination for tourists. The city has a vibrant atmosphere with a wonderful sense of humor, a wide range of places to eat delicious foods, lots of bars and nightclubs, and also plenty of beautiful and unique tourist attractions. If your plan is to visit this location in the near future, then we will highly recommend you some of the most popular places to go while you are in this city. Therefore, check out the following list.

Go for a pint in the city’s oldest traditional pub

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The oldest traditional pub in Belfast is called Kelly’s Cellars. This place is located in Bank, right in the center of Belfast. The location is being described as a hidden gem, and it is extremely popular for a pint of Guinness, which is being served with homemade Irish beef stew. The pub has been built-in 1720, and over time it has changed very little, which is pretty amazing. You can still see the original features, and without a doubt, you should visit this place while you are in Belfast.

See Belfast at night lit up by the famous River Lagan

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For a totally different experience in Belfast, take this wonderful idea into account and go for it as soon as you arrive in the city. If you want you can also have dinner on the water, as there are some floating restaurants. If you travel alone to Belfast, then the good news is that you can hire an escort through sites Even though at the moment the situation all over the world is not too good due to the pandemic crisis of coronavirus, the truth is that many girls from this industry still work.

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Experience the City Hall

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Another important attraction that you must see in Belfast is the City Hall. This is an amazing Edwardian civic building, located right in the center of the city, and it has been built at the beginning of the 20th century. The interior is absolutely beautifully decorated, and when you go for the tour you will learn lots of interesting things about the history of this place. Furthermore, you also need to take a walk in the gardens in order to discover the wonderful Titanic Memorial as well as artwork and statues that are being linked to everyone from famous Queen Victoria and President Bill Clinton. Stop to rest your feet at the lovely café called Bobbin Coffee Shop.

Try Belfast’s best-known Burrito

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You simply cannot visit this city and not try the famous Burrito. This dish tastes incredibly good, and we are pretty sure that you will like it a lot. Locals call it Boojum, and you can easily find it at Chichester Street as well as Botanic Avenue.

Watch a game in the SSE Arena

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The city’s home Ice Hockey team plays all their home games at the Odyssey Arena. The ticket prices are not expensive absolutely at all, and we highly recommend to go and see a game, especially if you love this game. It is definitely loads of fun, and most of the times they have competitions and give out free pizza and sandwiches during the breaks. This is without a doubt one of the best things to try in Belfast.

Visit The Peace Walls

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Another interesting and unique location in this city that all tourists must visit is the Great Walls of Belfast. This attraction is actually separating communities, which is why it is considered by many, extremely bizarre. It is quite hard to understand why in these modern times that wall still exist. However, authorities have said that they plan to take the walls down in the next 20 years.

Attempt Northern Ireland’s massive breakfast

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If you visit Belfast, then in terms of food you must try the massive fry-up in all of Northern Ireland at the Newton Café Brunch Bar. This breakfast consists of a 34-piece fry. The owners of this location have said that only 52 people have ever tried this breakfast and only one person has actually achieved the feat. However, it is definitely worth a try, especially if you don’t go alone. You can eat the portion together with your partner or your friends.

Don’t forget about the Northern Irish Parliament Buildings

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This building is situated just 15 minutes from the city center, right in a parkland. Once you get here, you will also have the chance to enjoy amazing views across the city to the Black Mountain as well as the Belfast Hills. This location is very good if you want to relax and spend some quality time in nature while admiring an imposing landscape.

Visit St George’s Market

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This massive covered market is one of the centerpieces of life in Belfast. During weekends, this place is full of locals and tourists, who come in order to explore the many food and crafts stalls. Everyone from here sells high-quality produce and plenty of interesting gifts and artefacts. This entire place has been built in 1896, and it is without a doubt an extremely fun place to hang out and enjoy to the fullest a snack or coffee in between the shopping sessions.

Go for a Divis and Black Mountain walk

If you don’t know what to do on your trip to Belfast, then we strongly recommend you to go for this walk, especially if you want to do something interesting and unique outdoors. This experience will be unforgettable.

The massive mountains rest exactly in the heart of the Belfast Hills, which means that you will have the opportunity to also enjoy a stunning view of the city. The varied and rich archaeological landscape is actually home to a host of wildlife. There are various walking trails, and also a variety of terrain. Another fantastic view of the city can also be seen from Cave Hill. There is no doubt that it is a rewarding experience to get to the top and see from there the beautiful city in all its glory.

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