6 Things You Need To Know About London Nightlife

London, a city where people enjoy the rain and drive on the left side. The capital of a former empire where the sun never sets, the home of the Queen, Big Ben, the powerful Houses of Parliament known as the Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, double-decker buses with open roofs, red telephone booths, Harry Potter…

But, London has much more than history and monuments. It is a thriving metropolis and one of the most performed places in the world. Thanks to the glam nightlife of London, the real fun starts here at dusk!

In this article, we give you everything you need to know about London nightlife.

1. The underground raving scene still exist

Source: The Calvert Journal

Those who are known to be party animals have respect for England’s rave scene and are surely familiar with the famous underground rave party’s movement that started with the Hacienda in Manchester, during the eighties. Although it was closed in 1997, its impact on the clubbing scene around the country was huge, so even today you can join some of London’s day or night rave parties.

People say that even during the COVID-19 out brake, you could have found a good rave party if know the right people. Anyways, London’s raving scene is a cultural thing, you can only experience it in London, so where to experience it better than in the legendary Fabric. Which moves us to the next point.

2. Clubbing is a unique experience for those who like to dance

Source: Time Out

Here’s a short overview of London’s many world-famous clubs.

Fabric is a club for partygoers, it’s huge, it has 3 different floors and it is always full. Security is very, very strict there, so they will examine you from head to toe when you get in and out. The bass is strong, the music is loud, but it’s a great experience for electronic music lovers. In addition to Fabric, there are also Egg and Ministry of Sound, which are unavoidable.

Cirque le Soir offers something different, which, in addition to being a nightclub for those who don’t like to jump a lot, also offers a “freak show”, so you will be entertained by all kinds of performers, from burlesque to modified people. Sounds alternative, but this place is very fancy. Usually, a drink will cost you around 20 pounds.

Old-school vintage music from rock’n’roll to Amy Winehouse is offered by the Revolution Club, which is also a vodka bar. Those who went once would go again. If you love pop hits from the ’50s, 60’s until today, this is a great place to have a drink, dance, and sing. It will remain in your fondest memory.

3. You never have to be alone

Source: Love Life

Regardless of the purpose of your travel to London (business or tourism), if you would like to hire an experienced guide to see the city from a local’s perspective, visit These private tours will ensure you have the time of your life, in a city that parties 24/7.

4. Avoid the London taxi


London is famous for its double-deck busses with an open roof, but also for the vintage taxi’s you must have seen in movies like Bridget Jones’s diary, and such. Seeing them in movies does sound appealing and like an experience, you should collect for your memory book, but think twice. London is after all one of the most expensive cities in the world.

The first and most important piece of advice smart people who traveled there will give you is to avoid taxis in London – one taxi ride in this city can cost you all the money you took with you. Taxis are brutally expensive in London, so we recommend that you mostly visit the city on foot.

Put on comfortable shoes and prepare to tighten your body. Walk and explore because there is no better experience in London than this.

London is a big city with beautiful historical buildings all around. Get out of the tourist area and treat yourself to getting to know London the way the locals see it with all its hidden streets. To make your tour easier, take one of the free hiking maps that you can pick up at any of London’s tourist information shops.

5. Busses work during the night

Source: Londonist

The London subway system closes half an hour after midnight. What to do if you are late for your last subway and you are far from your accommodation, you are exhausted and cannot return on foot?

Don’t despair and by no means reach for a taxi as the only option, as we previously explained why. For this situation, we offer you cheap and efficient advice. Night buses in London run on all lines both in the city center and on the outskirts.

If you have already secured an Oyster Card, you can ride them for free and get to your destination safely. All you need to do is get a map of the night bus lines and enjoy London without looking at your watch.

6. London nightlife offers more artistic experiences, too


Forget clubs because London has a lot of better things to offer. Musicals are all over Soho, non-stop. Whenever it occurs to you, you can go see one, like the “Michael Jackson” musical or even “We Will Rock You”. It’s a great chance to see the “Cats” and many other famous West End shows.

Apart from the theater, there is also a lot of burlesques. You’ll be sitting in a very cool 1920s interior and eating while watching contemporary pin-up girls dancing on stage. Jazz music lovers should not miss Ronny Scott’s jazz bar where the best jazz musicians from all over the world perform every day.

The British capital offers the unique pleasure of drinking tea in the afternoon. A city of tradition and luxury where a simple walk represents relaxation. People are enchanted by everything that London has to offer: from famous pubs, rich museums and galleries that you can visit for free, luxurious theaters, and great entertainment. Make sure you cover as much as you can.

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