Apple iPhone 6 Review

Apple being the most popular brand in the market has always something exclusive to offer its users. We cannot forget what Steve Jobs had done in early year of desktop computing and portable gadgets. This time it looks like it is going to be harder for Apple to maintain its standard as there are mentor with vision lack. We are seeing a new version of iPhone that does not bring much surprise. The way it looks like Apple is just revamping its old models to make it new and selling it off. I am talking about the new iPhone 6. We are going to test and review this device today in detail which will help us to understand whether it is a worth buying or you might still be happy with the earlier generation iPhones.

iPhone 6 Review

Apple iPhone is always a huge attraction in the market. Simply, because it brings something that others done have. It brings great design, and great features but at a very costly price. Apple charges for what they are giving. Unlike other manufacturer they think different. We can take the most near competitor which is Samsung; you can find a lot of amazing features on that in budget cost.

No doubt iPhone 6 is a wonderful handset. But don’t you think that this time Apple must re-think to shape the Smartphone market which is bending more towards Android. The handset is already in good demand and there are millions of copies that are already pre-ordered. We are not expecting that this time Apple might break the records, but at least they can reach somewhere near. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are the two new models that are out and we are going to talk about iPhone 6.

Design & Packaging:

The new iPhone 6 is designed to give you more screen space. It is a bit larger this time but with that it does not means it will be heavy to use. It has a thin enclosure that makes it lightweight and easy to handle. It is packed with very smooth metal surface that that looks classy when you hold the same. And with that the new version of Retina HD display makes it more unique. Screen quality is more amazing and clear. Apple has also upgraded the hardware to make it great for app usage and the upgraded iOS 8 adds tons of features with it.


Apple is always curious about using the right body element. This is what makes the iPhone a unique combination of design and technology. A thinner profile makes it possible to have a lightweight phone with big size display. But, as we recently saw, many iPhone users around the world reported Bending issues with both new iPhones.

iPhone 6 Review1

Apple claims to have the thinnest display in the Smartphone series. The body consists of anodized aluminum, stainless steel and glass. These three things add a very exclusive look but not durable. It is just like a jewel. And with big size it also looks attractive. This one is really brilliant thing done by Apple. A mixture of different elements add rich look. The device fit well in the palm and you can still manage to use it one with single hand. It is has a pleasing personality. I was first expecting the weight a bit more because of large size but that is not true.

Display / Screen:

Large screen means great image quality. You can zoom in and zoom out text. You can view even a tiny hyperlink of a page and click to open the same. The device just has a higher-resolution Retina HD display. And this is used on both the models. The best part here is that you are getting higher pixels to get more detailed and crisped output. That is quiet not popular in any other device. Apart from these, even the color output is quiet amazing. You get great viewing angles with a very improved polarizer.

It is unbelievable to have these things on such a thin display screen. I am quite sure that if this gets broken you might have to pay heavy amount to fix the same. The multi-touch display works nicely with different apps and game. I am great fan of iPhone screen from beginning itself. iPhone 6 offers you a 4.7inch display with maximum resolution of 1334×750 @ 326ppi which is not bad at all.

For most of the devices that have big screen size one issue is common in them. They are not great when you are trying to view things from side. And here in the new iPhone, things are more optimized. This new Retina HD display is a kind of realistic window to anything you have in the phone. Full sRGB color on the other hand increase the standard quality to more offer you a very high contrast ratio. This also boosts the brightness and white balance. There is lot of improvement that makes iPhone 6 a lot more improved devices compare to Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy S5.

Apple Pay:

For the first time, Apple has introduced its own payment module in iPhone 6 called as Apple Pay. First the screen size and second the Apple Pay, are two things that makes iPhone a popular phone once again. Apple Pay is an initiative by Apple to make easy payment through simple device app. And this is going to be used soon.

It comes with NFC that helps the device to connect with other and with your fingerprint authentication you can authorize the payment. There is no need to carry out card or cash. I will recommend you to have a look on the service charges on every transaction. Every wallet service has its own charges that are applied on the basis of amount or the transaction you do. Apple Pay will work in collaboration with Apple Watch also.

Apple Pay

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