Apple iPhone 6 Review

iOS 8 Update:

With iPhone 6, Apple also released the update of their mobile operating system, which is iOS 8. It is considered to be a new OS with a lot of features that already is in your phone. Only a few additions make it unique. Like in camera it offer you some smart way of taking picture and has a digital zoom option also. iOS 8 update is also provided on older phones. So this is not something very amazing here. But it is good to have a new iOS update. There are enough features to use the device for different purpose. Tiny tweaks make the phone very effective when it comes to web surfing or chatting. And also this makes a big change in the battery life. Because that also matters the most. It is a big upgrade for iPhone 6.

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Hardware and Performance:

It is a quiet powerful device which is works well with various apps and also it is one of the best model yet which is designed with remarkably power efficiency. This is what I was talking about when it comes to apple.

iPhone 6 runs on a A8 chip which is a 64 bit cpu. Already from iPhone 5, Apple started the trend of having 64bit architecture.  This is a huge challenge for others to build something similar like this and provide to the consumer. The device also comes loaded with a M8 motion coprocessor that helps the sensors to give you more accurate information about different things.

About performance it is right to say that iPhone 6 is quiet not having any competitor in the market. It is the fastest chip and above all the upgraded graphics performance makes it an amazing device for gaming stuff. Large screen helps you to watch HD videos with fun. With nice display there are some really incredible things in the iPhone 6 which still makes it a unique phone.


So here if we take the surprising elements from the new iPhone 6, you can find out that it is still not a bad product. But the cost is one that does not make everyone happy. In US and other countries the phone can be bought through a monthly contract. This adds more comfort to the buying power, but in India you have to pay full cash or you can get that through EMI.

But the cost is relatively higher and we people are already having a lot of alternatives. We can buy android with big size display and have a few less feature but that can keep us satisfied. Compare to that iPhone 6 becomes an exclusive product. Something that can be like a luxury car. It is sold for Rs.1,50,000 approx in India. A very start price. And internationally the cost is around $650. So here it is quiet essential that you watch the price and find out different seller if you are really willing to buy. Few things like Apple Pay is not going to function well in India. It might be something new for the people in US or UK.

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