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How to Choose the Best Cardio Machine For You 

A large percentage of people belong to those who hate going to the gym and are rarely in the mood for it. Sometimes going to the gym can be very boring, but don’t look for a reason to avoid your cardio training again this week. We know that all these machines can look very confusing to you and you can be even more confused when you read a thousand different recommendations on the Internet about which one is right for you. Instead of experiencing the cardio technique only as a burner of excess weight, to love it, you must consider all its functions, and many of them contribute to achieving different goals. There are several cardio machines that stimulate different muscle groups in your body. Each of them is adapted to achieve different results. Before you start thinking about using the ones that would best solve your problems regarding fitness and physical appearance, you should first know what cardio really is.

It’s a type of exercise that trains the heart and heartbeat to improve your health, but also your physical appearance and fitness. Heart rate zones are trained to lose weight and improve the overall condition. Intensity and movement control are crucial in this training.

By choosing a machine that targets exactly the exercises you want, you will save energy and time and achieve the desired results more easily. And how to do it, find out below.

Types of machines and conditions in which they are recommended

1. Treadmill

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One of the most popular cardio machines among fitness enthusiasts is the treadmill. The treadmill is very useful for all those who are preparing for a competition, who want to lose weight or simply keep fit. Besides, it’s an excellent solution for heart patients, diabetics, and those with high blood pressure. If you belong to any of these groups, you are in the right place.

Treadmills are designed so you can both walk and run on them. Some machines are parallel to the floor, while some can be adjusted for inclined exercise. It allows fast walking and running, depending on what you need at the moment and you can easily adjust the speed.

2. StairMaster

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If you have started training to improve your strength in the lower part, StairMaster is what can help you along the way. Also, you can lose weight because it effectively burns calories. It may seem similar to running on a treadmill, except that the treadmill also activates the upper body, and this machine focuses mostly on the lower part.

StairMaster is very functional and effective in strengthening muscles and burning calories. You can do great exercises for the lower part of the body that will quickly give you the results you have always wanted.

3. Elliptical

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An elliptical machine is a perfect device for all those who want to maintain the good condition of the whole body. It activates the whole body, with different intensity of action on individual groups, and keeps the balance stable.

For those who have a joint problem, this is a much better option than a treadmill because the load on the joints is much less compared to the load that exists during running.

The orbital movements required by the elliptical simulate walking, climbing, and running at the same time. Exercising on this may seem easy to you, but keep in mind that it seriously activates and exercises your whole body. with pulse sensors, you can monitor the movement of the pulse during training.

4. Stationary bicycle

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The stationary bike is just one of a group of gym bikes, in addition to spin bikes and exercise bikes. Many users decide to buy them and have them in their homes due to their excellent functions. All those who suffer from back or lower-body injuries, as well as upper body pain, should get a stationary bike, or visit the nearest gym that has them.

Also, cycling can be a perfect additional cardio part of the training of some special muscle groups. You also have the option to adjust the intensity here.

5. Rowing machine

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The rowing machine is designed to simulate water rowing. The design is such that it allows you to perform exercises that activate the whole body. It is especially intended for people who want to increase endurance, so it can be said that in addition to the possibilities for cardio training, it also enables strength training.

Different muscle groups are activated on this machine and it is very effective in achieving results. With proper use, you will quickly notice the progress you desire.

Things to consider when choosing the right one

In the end, your decision will depend on what you expect from the machine you are buying. We have listed above what needs each machine is adapted to and this could be a good guide for you when choosing. But there are still a few things you should consider before you head to the store or start browsing websites to find a reliable gym equipment manufacturer. Every consumer will first want to be informed about all the advantages and disadvantages of the product, as well as the reliable places where he can find it.

Another important thing that would be good to consider in time is the size of the available space in the house or apartment. For example, a treadmill, bicycle, or Rowing machine can take up a lot of space to function properly. Therefore, you should know in advance whether you can provide this much usable space.

Then, before you go to the store, think carefully about whether you really plan to make training a daily routine. Because, if everything is just your current whim, you will spend a lot of money and take up a lot of space, which you will regret later. Without motivation, this purchase will be a complete failure.

Analyze your time and think about how much free time you really have to devote to effective exercise. If you realize that there is little of it, opt for a machine that gives faster results with shorter and more efficient training.

After all, when you measure your physical abilities, motivation, time, and needs, you will easily get the perfect cardio machine.

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