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Surprising Solutions That Help Us Fight Coronavirus

Coronavirus has impacted the entire world. In fact, 2024 has been the year of mandatory quarantines, social distancing and mandatory face masks. WIth most of the world shut down for a good portion of 2024 and the end of this pandemic nowhere in sight, it is vital to find new and innovating ways to fight this horrible virus.

What is It?

Covid-19 is a respiratory-related virus that has affected millions of people all over the world. It affects people differently and some people may have no symptoms at all while others may become very ill. Covid symptoms start to appear anywhere from a few days after exposure to 14 days after exposure to the virus. Exposure can happen anywhere, both inside and outside, which is why extra safety measures are being taken around the world.

Symptoms of Covid can include: shortness of breath, fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, a cough, shortness of breath, headache, muscle aches, body aches, loss of taste, loss of smell, runny nose and overall fatigue.

Source: Al Jazeera

How to Fight It

Of course, there are the mandated solutions for keeping this virus at bay. With nearly every country affected and over 41 million cases worldwide, strategies have been developed to keep hospitals and healthcare workers from exhaustion. Some of the basic things to do when fighting this pandemic include:

1. Washing your Hands

It is important to wash your hands often. It is also important to use soap and water and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. Some doctor’s offices around the world are coming up with innovative ways to ensure that patients wash for 20 seconds, including posting song lyrics that take at least 20 seconds to sing.

Source: Newsweek

2. Carrying Sanitizer

It is important to sanitize often, especially when touching public spaces such as door handles or rails. Using hand sanitizer that has an alcohol content of over 60 percent is ideal.

3. Wearing (and Washing) Masks

It is as important to wash your masks regularly as it is to wear it all of the time when in public spaces. If you are around people that are not in your current household, then it is advisable to wear a mask at all times around them too. Washing your mask regularly will keep it clean and safe to use. If you neglect washing your mask, then you may end up breathing in the same contaminants that you are protecting yourself against.

4. Keeping a Safe Distance

It has been recommended to stay at least six feet apart from anyone in outdoor spaces. This distance is also recommended in indoor spaces as well and newer research is showing that staying even further away than that is safest. So, keep your distance from others who are not in your immediate family.

5. Staying Home

Of course, the best way to prevent getting Covid is to stay at home. With many people working from home now, staying home is the best option to prevent the spread of Covid and to protect yourself from it at the same time.

Surprising Ways to Fight Covid

Besides the everyday precautions that have been advised throughout the duration of Covid, there are also some new and surprising ways to fight this virus. Listed here are some innovative ways to fight coronavirus:

Source: Health Europa

1. UVC lights

One surprising way to fight Covid is to use UV lights. UVC lights are lights that are called ultra violet C and are used in many medical facilities around the world. According to the pros at, these types of special lighting systems are used to kill bacteria as well as viruses and mold. They are used to interrupt the DNA of certain pathogens and can inhibit them from multiplying.

2. Robotic monitoring systems

Another new and innovative way to monitor Covid regulations are the use of robotic monitoring systems. These are currently being used in parks around Asia in order to ensure that people are maintaining a healthy distance from each other. These robots also have recorded messages to play to those who are caught not keeping a healthy distance from each other.

Source: Siemens

3. Disinfectant devices

There are also new types of disinfectant devices that are being used in hospitals in the USA to disinfect areas while also working to kill any pathogens and microbes in a matter of seconds.

4. Sensors

Many different types of sensors have been created since Covid disrupted the world. This can include anything from workers wearing sensors in order to log in or log out of work to prevent close contact with each other to sensors that will monitor workers on a job site in order to monitor for injuries or falls without having to have close human contact unless there is an emergency. Other types of sensors on the market today include sensors that will monitor how close employees can get to each other. For those employees that have needed to go back to work or work manual jobs that cannot be worked from home, they can now wear sensors that will beep if they get too close to each other.


5. Handwashing devices

Companies have even begun installing hand washing devices that monitor how long employees wash their hands. These devices are installed in order to inform employers when employees have washed their hands for less than 20 seconds, even going as far as sending detailed reports about the times of the day and lengths of time for each hand wash.

With coronavirus taking over the world, technology is fighting back. There are many methods being put into place that can help slow the virus as we continue to search for a vaccine and other ways to curb the spread of it. With everyone in the world on high alert and most people staying home, along with these new technologies, then hopefully Covid-19 will soon be a thing of the past. But for now, we will all continuously wash our hands, carry our sanitizing sprays, stay six feet apart and all do our part while trying out new, innovative ways to fight the virus.

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