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5 Misconceptions all Newbies Have About Sports Betting

Sports betting is often considered a bad thing in most societies, especially in poor countries where people desperately are trying to make some side money because the salary is not close to enough but instead a lot of them got in debts and even more problems. In cases like this, they are trying to test their luck, but also their knowledge in sports, including the team’s strategy and style, so they can guess the result, and win money because of that. But, that’s not always the case, because there are a lot of passionate gamblers who are into every game of luck possible, and they are doing this to relax and to fill up their day with something interesting, no matter where in the world they are based.

People today, due to the restrictions and social distancing, are avoiding the sports betting venues, but there is another popular way to do that, without having to meet with a lot of people. You can visit this site, and see all the benefits from gambling online, while you are at home, or any place different than casinos, or these sports venues that can be pretty risky if a lot of people visit them. That also requires some knowledge and strategies, free of myths and misconceptions, just like real-life gambling.

However, there are a lot of people who are watching sports, making analysis, and try to predict the result and win sometimes, also there are people playing for fun and trying to see how lucky they are. Whichever you stand, getting into a good and trusted betting site like Colossus Bets should be on the top of the list. You don’t want to end up getting scammed, right? Anyway, if you are a newbie in this, and you want to start sports betting, here are some myths and misconceptions you may need to be aware of, so you can avoid the popular, but still wrong beliefs, and find a way to develop your own strategy.

These are the most common myths that you, as a beginner in betting, should be aware of, and try to avoid them as much as you can:

1. Paying the local tipster a few euros so you can win thousands

img source: oddswizz.com

The reality is that you won’t win, but your tipster will – he will take your money, and probably you won’t hear from them again in weeks, months, years, or never in your life. Many newbies are trying to hold to the experienced people’s strategies and knowledge, but they may not be aware their goal is to take their money and go away. You may think that even a double win is a nice thing for you, but you can win even bigger if you set the ticket by yourself. It’s always better to do it by yourself, with help from a more experienced friend, than to pay someone suspicious to give you tips.

2. Betting on lower odds, so you can win for sure

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People who work at sports betting centers can calculate the odds depending on various factors, but that doesn’t mean they can predict the final result. Sometimes, some team is favorite, but when it comes to sports, just like for every other game, there are no rules, and surprises can happen every moment. Favorites can lose too, or they can play even, or as some people say – the ball is round and anything can happen – and they are completely right about that, because there is nothing easier than changing the predicted route of the game, especially when the weaker team was practicing enough, and surprise their opponents. Also, you need to know that betting is based on basic math and statistic. You can bet on the team, or on half-time or final results. According to people who have a piece of great knowledge in this, it’s always better to bet on results, than on your favorite team – but who knows, maybe your strategy and luck are different, and you need to try it, so you can see what works better for you.

3. More money on single-bet is better than less money on more matches

img source: usnews.com

This is definitely true if you use your logic, but statistically, there is still a 50% chance to lose. But, this step also requires a lot of knowledge, knowing the team’s tactics and strategies, their chances to win if they are at home, and when they are guests too, and many other factors that may affect the final result. Less experienced people choose to bet on more matches, that they consider as safe to play, and have smaller quotes for that day. But, the biggest myth is that there is a rule you can follow, because there is not, and your betting strategy depends partly on your knowledge, but most on your luck.

4. Watching sports is making me an expert

img source: briteboxelectrical.com

Many people want to believe they are experts in everything, including sports betting. They are sure that if they watch the matches regularly, they can play safe and bet higher, but very often they get “fooled” by some of the players (often the new ones in the team), who missed a chance in the last minute. No, watching sports doesn’t make you an expert in gambling, because it all depends on the odds and luck, and just a small part on your basic knowledge. After a few years of experience, you can tell you are an expert, but even then you can mess things up and lose huge amounts of money because as we all know, all the sports are mostly unpredictable.

5. Popular bets are a safe way to win

img source: stackpathdns.com

This is completely wrong, and everyone who ever bet at least once knows that. Some people are still choosing to believe in this, and they often lose, which leads to frustration, and also, spending more money when they are nervous because of the “bad” results they didn’t bet on.

We hope that this article will help you lower your beginner’s expectations and set realistic goals for the initial period. As time goes by, you will get to know all the things better, and overcome these popular myths and misconceptions that are often related to sports betting, or every type of gambling in general.

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