10 Useful Car Gadgets & Accessories That You Actually Need – 2024 Guide

Gadgets have a great role in our lives, especially when it comes to the world of vehicles. They come in many shapes and forms and have various purposes, and we cannot imagine our life without some of them, as they are not only something that we are used to, but also something that makes our stay in the car more comfortable, and a ride much more enjoyable. But they do not exist only for fun and entertainment, as they represent a more secure ride for everyone in the car. That is why we gathered a list of some of the most needed gadgets that everyone should have, and for those who are still searching for that perfect device, check out, a place where one can find everything there is on the gadget market.

1. Wireless Car Charger

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In these modern times, there is no need not to allow technology to make our life more comfortable, and every car ride can be much more enjoyable when you know that your battery will hold for the entire ride. Not only that, when you arrive at your destination, your phone, or tablet will be fully charged. There is no cable, and the only “work” someone will need to do is placing the device inside the holder. One thing to know before purchasing it is that the device needs to be Qi-enabled.

2. Mobile phone holder

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Only when we think about how much time we are spending while on our phones, we get how big of a role they have in our life, our existence. But one thing is for sure, when we are behind the wheel, the only thoughts that should cross our mind and our whole focus should be about the road ahead. With that said, there is no room for cell phones while driving, as we need both hands. That is why this gadget will make everything better and solve most of our driving problems. The phone holder makes our answering easier, and when we use it for navigation, depending on the condition and the brightness, it changes and increases the visibility of the phone.

3. Extra side pocket

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No matter where we are, it looks like we constantly need more space for our stuff, and this is especially true when we are packing for a long journey. All that is a reason more for installing extra side pockets to have more room for keys, wallet, money, spare change, and even some lucky travel charm.

4. Sticky holder

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This seemingly funny thing is pretty useful in practical application because it is made of a unique material that does not allow objects that you place on it to slip. One can use this for many purposes, and it can hold a phone, coins, wallet or glasses, and other small items that we often use, and one can place them where it suits them the most.

5. Sticky Dust cleaner

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Cleaning a vehicle, with all small pockets and (unreachable) places can take some time, and yet dust is somehow always there, but having this gadget will make that cleaning faster, and as a driver, you can always give that job to the person in the front or/and back seat. But it is not solely about cleaning the car, as sticky dust cleaner works well with sweeping ac vents.


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There are many benefits of having DRLS, and some would say it is only about style, but that is not true. Okay, not entirely true. Every automobile will look much more stylish with this gadget, but it will also allow vehicles that come your way to see and identify you. Also, they do not cost that much, and with proper care, they could last for a long time.

7. USB charger with FM transmitter

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If nothing else, this one is a must-have. Everyone loves music, and what better way to make the voyage more comfortable than singing to the tunes of your favorite song. And that is precisely where this gadget jumps in and solves all your problems. As another benefit, having a USB charger in the vehicle will also allow you to charge your mobile phone. That is why it has become an indispensable part of every car, a necessary kit for both shorter and longer trips. Since today everyone depends on their smart and mobile devices, it is good to have the option of charging those devices in the car.

8. Blindspot mirror

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We are all aware that there is always an angle that we simply cannot cleanly see, and having that blind spot can be pretty dangerous. Gadgets like blindspot mirrors make our driving easier and enjoyable because a person that is fully aware of everything on the road is a relaxed person. Not only that, but one can also rotate and adjust its position depending on the traffic and also change the tilt direction. They are great for both exterior and interior use.

9. Seatbelt Cutter And Window Glass Breaker

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This is something everyone should have – just in case. Of course, no one wants or likes to think about accidents, but that does not mean that we should not be prepared. Gadgets like seatbelt cutter or window breaker are practical, do not occupy much space, and everyone can also use them for other purposes.

10. Seat cushion

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Comfort is something we are eager to have when we drive, and that is why we are changing and adapting the seat and the position of the wheel. But what about our back and our neck? The seats always have spongy cushions, but adding another, designed precisely to give more protection and support to our neck, is an even better solution. Actually, a car cushion is excellent for everyone in the vehicle, not just the driver.

Many devices can make our driving much pleasant, and today everyone can buy them. You can find whatever you need, and remember, there are gadgets for almost everything. Every driver is different, and each of them is searching for different things. Those are only a few gadgets, and the complete list is very long, and it is updating every day.

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