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How to Restore Stock ROM of Karbonn Sparkle V

Karbonn Sparkle V falls under the Android One series offering you various features at a budget price. If you checkout the features then you will be able to find how beneficial this device is. At a budget cost of Rs.6000 this phone gives you a quad core CPU and 1GB ram. It is quite sure that soon this phone can be favorite for many users who want to go on extreme level by rooting and by installing custom rom.

Today I am going to show you the process to restore the Stock ROM of Karbonn Sparkle V back to the phone in case you have tried out installing any Custom ROM on it and don’t like it anymore. I mean, if you are not happy with rooting or with the custom rom you can just restore the stock rom back again. Restoring stock rom means putting the factory OS back in the phone and this will also restore your phone warranty. It is always good to have a stock rom backup with us. XDA provide you a un-modified version of Karbonn Sparkle V stock rom. So it is the right time to grab it before there are too many version of stock rom. Most of them are rooted.

Karbonn Sparkle V Stock ROM

The procedure to restore is simple. It is essential that you must follow my steps properly. Because any wrong step can cause your device to bricked.


  • Backup your device data first. You can do that using various android pc suite software. It let you to backup all things with one click and then restore the same also.
  • Download the stock firmware for Karbonn Sparkle V from XDA.
  • Download the latest version of SP Flash Tool. If it fails to work then test the same on 5.1424.
  • You will need a windows pc and the Micro USB cable for that. Remove the memory card from the device and if possible also remove the sim.
  • Ensure that you had copied all the data.
  • Driver update plays a virtual role with connectivity. So just check that once again by turning on USB debugging mode.
  • Change your phone to maximum. Do not proceed with low battery it can brick your device.

Installation Process:

1.    Once again I will recommend you to test the MTK driver. Without which it will not be easy to restore.
2.    First turn on USB debugging and connect the device. If you get a drier installation wizard then follow it. You can find the hardware name in Device Manager and on that basis you can locate the drivers on web. You can also use third party driver updater software
3.    Switch off your phone and then once again connect to your pc. And if you are getting a drive reinstallation wizard then update it. It s very essential part or else SP Flash tool will not work.
4.    Move all the downloaded files in a single folder on your desktop. This consists of the stock firmware file which will be archived in a RAR format.  Extract the content in a separate folder and name in recovery.
5.    Then extract the content of SP Flash took in a separate folder. You can see a blue icon to launch it. The icon will be named as tool.exe.
6.    Now choose scatter file from the extracted folder of recovery. It will load the stock firmware.
7.    Click on Download first. You might get any error. Ignore that. Click ok.
8.    Now connect Karbonn Sparkle V to your pc. The update will start and might take around 5 minutes. Do not disconnect the phone.

Once done you will get a green icon at the last. Enjoy.

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  1. pls get me stock recovery.img from stock rom ..pls do me a favor ..ill be very thankful

  2. hi,
    can you pls share your cell no with me bcz i m facing problem to install the default rom in my karbonn sparkle v phone,
    pls mail me your cell no or call me.. i need your urgent support to restore my phone to its original state.. bcz i lost my original backup.

  3. Hello Saurav. Can you please post here the exact problem you facing? Because the Process and all required files are already provided above. You must not face any trouble flashing stock rom if you go through the steps properly.

  4. Hi Maqbool, I followed each and every step you have suggested and also downloaded the latest version of flash tool.However whenever I hit download, it never starts and stays idle. I checked net connection and it is working fine. I have downloaded this twice and it has not yet flashed my device. I have cross checked the USB debugging mode on my sparkle V as well. Could you suggest what changes I might have to apply or what I might be doing wrong?

    I am working with windows 8.1 and have installed all the required drivers you have mentioned above.

  5. Hello i brick my device i think becoz of very low battery and i flash stock rom now what can i do?it is possibke to unbrick?

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