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How to install CWM Recovery on Karbonn Sparkle V

Clockwork Mod is the most popular and advance recovery solution available for android phone. Most of the phone that run on stock firmware does not offer you great benefits. You get a very less in the recovery option. But you can extend the usage by adding CWM in Karbonn Sparkle V and then you can move ahead with rooting or adding a flash rom. It is the most easiest way to add many new features in the devices. I am quite sure you will really enjoy using your phone after adding CWM.

This process is for advance users who want to root their phone and install different things in the device. And remember that following my steps will cause warranty issue. But there is also a good news. I had made a separate guide on installing stock firmware back in Karbonn Sparkle V. Through which you can restore your warranty status. That will help you a lot.

Karbonn Sparkle V
Karbonn Sparkle V

Here I am going to show you how can flash the recovery of Karbonn Sparkle V and add a CWM on that. That will help you to root and flash the phone with custom ROMs. Try to follow the steps below as mentioned by me. And things will work well.


  • Begin with data backup which is going to help you if the phone fails to boot. Data Backup is always essential because sometime if phone fails to work you can still have your files back. In my case I always do this by resetting the phone to factory settings to avoid any compatibility issue with security applications.
  • Charge your phone to maximum. Never attempt to do anything on low battery. That means you are going to kill your phone with your own hand. So charge to max before moving ahead.
  • We will need a windows pc for this purpose. And after that you have to update the usb drivers. There are two types of drivers. One that allow you to access the internal storage and other one the rom. For that you have to turn on usb debugging from Developer options. You have to find the latest version of MTK drivers.
  • Installing a custom recovery simply means unlocking the boot loader. This is a crucial part. Do not attempt to play with this.
  • You have to download two things here. First is the Recovery file and the second is a package of files under One Click Recovery installer. You can Download Both Files from here and save it on the desktop.

Installation Process:

  • Start with checking that usb debugging is on or not. Without which this process will fail to work. This option is hidden. For that go in settings and then tap on about phone. Then tap on the build number which you will find at the bottom side. Tap on it 7 time to enable developer options. Go back in the main settings and enable usb debugging.
  • Connect the device to your pc. If the drivers are not updated you will get a popup for the same. Try to update that and then only move ahead. Avoid doing this if you are not able to find the drivers.
  • Extract the content of downloaded files in two separate folders. Go in One Click Recovery and look for one-click-recovery-installer.bat.
  • In the second folder you can find a reovery.img file. You have to copy that and move it one click recovery folder. Now double click on one-click-recovery-installer.bat file.
  • You will see a cmd window which will first try to detect the phone. If it fails then there are no proper drivers. Try to test it once again. And if it is detected then the flash properly will start automatically. And you will get a message at the end. The device will restart on its own.


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