10 Terrific Tactics for Awesome Home Security

Have you been wondering about ways to make your home more secure? If so, you’re like millions of other property owners who want an added layer of safety so you and your family can sleep soundly each night and have peace of mind while away.

10 Simple Ways to Boost Home Security

No one wants to be the victim of a robbery, break-in, or major act of vandalism. With the right equipment, it’s possible to minimize your chance of a security breach of any kind. Here are some powerful ways to keep yourself, your family, and your assets safe:

1. Common Sense

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It’s amazing how many thieves gain entry to a home just by walking in the front door or climbing into an unlocked window. Using common sense means always locking doors and windows when you are home or away. Maybe a hundred years ago it was safe to leave things unlocked and open, but the world was a different place back then. Nowadays, it just makes good sense to secure your home, your belongings, yourself, and your family at all times.

2. High-Security Locks

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For main entry, side, and back doors of a home, high-security locks are a must. What are they? The category includes many specialize locking systems for doors that include metal reinforced components, special entry methods (like the use of a key and a punch-in code), and unique construction. Even if someone tries to bash the door down, it will take them much longer to do so if you have a high-security lock in place. Expect to pay a bit more for these formidable devices, but you can often get a discount on homeowners insurance policies if you have them. People who have these kinds of locks on all their doors tend to sleep well.

3. Lights

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Thieves and intruders hate bright lights and loud noises. The great thing about adding various kinds of light to your home is that you get a lot of value for very little expense. Consider placing several motion-sensitive flood lights around the outer perimeter of your house. And don’t forget to install bright porch lights that can be controlled from inside. You can do it yourself or hire a professional. Place perimeter lights high and out of reach.

4. Fake Warning Signs

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There are two kinds of “fake” signage that add to the overall safety of your home. Believe it or not, many thieves aren’t extremely intelligent and simply move on to their next target when they encounter any potential problems. Those potential challenges include the presence of either a high-end security system or a guard dog. Check online auction sites for authentic-looking signs that say things like, “Warning: Owner assumes NO legal liability for injuries trespassers incur from guard animal on premises,” “Proud gun owners live here,” or “Warning: Trespassers subject to video and audio surveillance at all times.”

5. High-Decibel Alarms

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A few very loud alarms can make a big difference. You can purchase ultra-loud audio alarms and connect them to motion-detectors. That way, all you have to do is set them to the “on” position when you go to bed and if anyone trespasses onto your property, they’ll get an extremely unpleasant greeting. Plus, the noise will wake you up so you can take further protective action, like calling the police or setting the dog loose.

6. Smart Locks

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Many homeowners add smart locks on entries, sliding doors, and windows. But smart locks are usually only for front and back doors. Why are they called “smart”? Because they can only be locked or unlocked by a set of coded instructions from an authorized electronic device (like a computer or phone). They use cryptographic keys over wireless protocols, which means they’re totally electro-mechanical. You gain entry to your home by using either your phone or an electronic key fob to open the smart lock. They’re practically thief-proof and come in all price ranges. For super security, some people use both smart and traditional locks on all the doors in their home.

7. Smart Doorbells

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These ingenious devices are like having a private security guard at your doorstep 24/7. Whenever someone rings the bell, they’re automatically put on camera so you can see them from your phone, TV, computer screen, or any device of your choosing. The beauty of smart doorbells is that you can set them to alert your phone wherever you are. So even if you’re on vacation, you can see who’s ringing your bell.

8. Extra Deadbolts

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One of the more inexpensive ways to ramp up home security is to install deadbolts on every entry door. You can do this yourself or hire a locksmith to do an all-around deadbolt installation in just a couple of hours. Note that you can choose keyed or non-keyed versions. Keyed ones allow you to engage the bolt when you leave. Non-keyed models only work while you are inside the premises. Make no mistake, deadbolt locks have been around for more than a century because they cost little and work great.

9. Automated Lights and Fake Noise

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When you go on vacation, you can set smart speakers to play music or the sound of people conversing loudly. There are stand-alone devices that produce fake noise at pre-set times. Likewise, for less than $20 you can purchase a device that will turn various lights on and off at specific or random hours of the evening. Thieves often avoid homes that appear to be occupied.

10. Multiple Security Cameras

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With the low cost of security cameras these days, it’s wise to purchase several and place them in key locations around your home. Cameras to two things very well. First, they are excellent deterrents. Burglars and thieves often avoid breaking into houses and offices where they see security cameras professionally mounted in out of reach places. Second, even if the porch pirate or cat burglar isn’t deterred by the presence of the cameras, the recorded footage often helps police identify culprits and retrieve stolen goods.

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The Bottom Line for Safety and Security

There’s no need to spend a fortune to make your home safe. Plus, with all the options available, it’s really up to you to decide which techniques to use, whether to do a few DIY projects, or hire a locksmith, like redrockslocksmith.com, to help with other tasks. People who strive for the highest level of home security use multiple tactics to keep thieves away and keep family members safe.

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