Windows 10 Details and Hands on

Customizing Windows 10 Start Menu:

Microsoft has provided you option to customize Start Menu of Windows 10 so that you can make it a bit more useful. You can just move your mouse over the install app access and you can see the edges through which you can increase or decrease the size of app shortcut. You can add more things here. This dynamic resizing also works very well on tablets. The left part is covered with all application that is installed in your system with the most frequently visiting things. Like if you go in Pc Settings a lot you will see that on the same.

windows 10 start menu

You can also see Documents, Pictures and a File Explorer. This was Windows Explorer before. And view all the apps just click on All Apps. This same thing will give you access to Live Tiles if you want. A lot of new shortcuts are added to make Windows 10 more users friendly. So here having a Start Menu is a kind of treat for Windows users. It looks Microsoft finally understand the mistake they made.

Search Box in Windows 10:

Search box is quiet important to find this. This was first in the Charm Bar and to access that to you have to either move your mouse to the right or swipe from the right. This is a bit time consuming process. Now this thing is added directly in the Start Menu at the bottom side very much similar to Windows 7. It will allow you to search various things in the pc. You can search files, you can search web pages, etc. You can also get your browser history here. And by clicking the default browser appear up. So this is a smart start menu with many integrated options and a kind of gateway to locate things in the pc.

Multiple Monitor:

Windows 10 brings you a feature of using different monitor with easy. You can just drag a app to any corner and you can push it to the new screen. This is a very easy to use feature which is quiet simple and offers you instant moving of apps from one corner to another. Things are extremely simple here. Here just by dragging you can move the screen and you will get a proper output. This is called as the snap app feature. You can also do the same by using Windows + arrow key and you can push an app to any monitor on your left or right. IF you are too confused using the same you can go ahead using the Snap Assist feature. This one will give you auto suggestion to move the app from one place to another.

Windows 10 Snap App

Virtual desktops:

You might have see workspace in Ubuntu or other Linux pc. This workspace helps you to have multiple desktop on your screen. This same feature is now integrated in Windows 10. You get a virtual workspace also knows as virtual desktop. And this thing appears like Slideshow view. You can drag the apps from place to place and hide them if you want anyone to use. You can switch one workspace to another by using the windows and arrow key. So that is very simple and easy to use. And if you want you can also create the desktop as per your need.

Final thoughts:

Windows 10 has a lot of surprising effects that makes things very simple and crucial to use. It allows you to explore so many things in the pc. You can locate various files and various stuff through the search box directly. Microsoft has also worked on the customization part offer you a different layout this time. IT is light weight and works well. You can still use Windows 10 on your pc with a Dual Core processor and 2GB ram atleast. But don’t expect much from the output. The best here is to go with Core i3 process or equivalent processor minimum. So that you can still load many apps and enjoy the output.

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