Understanding Molds and Tooling in Plastics Manufacturing – 2024 Guide

The manufacturing industry in the world has changed a lot in the last 20 years. Those were the best 20 years for the industry in every way possible. The biggest positive effects and improvements are seen in the improvement of the entire production and processing process, gradual reduction of errors, and production automation. This continues in the last year, even though the world is facing one of the most severe crises so far, especially from an economic point of view. Although production is growing globally, companies are investing in improving production. The largest investments are made in the automotive industry in terms of electric cars, in the wood industry in terms of ecological wood processing and furniture production, and the production of plastic products.

The plastics industry has always been innovative, and industry of change full of freshness. This has been particularly noticeable in the last 15 years since the issue of increased plastic waste pollution in the oceans and the environment, in general, has been active. Plastics processors and manufacturers of plastic materials and items received this bad news with readiness and even better, they approached very responsibly. Implemented improved strategies! They started producing plastic products, processors, and packaging that can be reused or, at best, recycled. They researched and found recyclable materials, but also found equipment that allows such an eco-friendly way of production.

Source: European Tool & Mould Making Magazine

Over the years, the production machinery for plastics and plastic products has advanced in every way. The processes of production, processing, and shaping also progressed with it. Many changes and innovative ventures have been undertaken by the manufacturers of this equipment, says Hales Australia, experts in the field of manufacturing and design of molding and plastics machines. They emphasize that the changes are almost daily, a lot of effort is put into their improvement from series to series, and this can be seen through the finished products that are the result of these innovations. This invests in better production, but also in easier recycling of plastics, and thus a better world. Wondering what is new in the production and molding of plastic? Read on to find out more about this topic.

1. The machines are manufactured to new and special eco-standards – you probably remember those old huge machines that always emitted oil at work and emitted very bad odors that are harmful to human health and the environment. Today that has changed for the better! New production machines are improved from series to series, they are better in their specifications, but they are also improving in how they are produced and whether they are produced according to eco-standards. The latest machines for the production and molding of plastic can proudly boast as one of the better, more economical, and above all as one of the most eco-friendly machines ever produced in recent years. It is the merit of the engineers who do their best to bring them to perfection and make them in a way that is safe and environmentally friendly, for me, for you, and the whole of nature!

Source: European Commission – Europa EU

2. The machines are computerized and easy to operate, thus reducing the effort and energy consumption of employees – when we say an efficient machine, we mean a machine that can produce as many units of production per unit time. This was not possible with machines that were operated by humans, ie with which there was a combined approach to work – part of the product to be machined, part to be machined with the help of the workforce. Today it is a thing of the past why the machines are so advanced and computerized that the production is completed to perfection, the quantities that can be produced can be given to the machine, all with the help of the computerized way of working. Computer machines are easy to operate, easy to operate, do a great job, and the biggest benefit of owning them is that it reduces the effort of workers.

3. Computerization of machines reduces the risk of injury to workers – we are aware of the number of workers who used to suffer injuries in the workplace while operating production machines. Today with the new improved and computerized machines this is a thing of the past. Computerized machines need to be operated by the worker and controlled from time to time, and the rest is left entirely to the machine itself. Safety lies in these new machines that offer only the safest for the worker, and that is the most important and best for every company.


4. The production process is facilitated – with the new machines, but also the new principles of production and shaping of the plastic, the whole production process is facilitated. If in the past molds were used, hot material was made which was then inserted into them, today everything is left to the machine. She does all the work, from the beginning when the material is made, to the end when the plastic is shaped and finished. This provides better working conditions for employees and reduces the risk of injury, delays, or delays in production, or in the worst-case production errors.

5. The percentage of production errors is reduced – new methods of processing plastic and its molding, as well as new machinery, improve the overall production process and of course, reduce the percentage of production errors. In the past, many production errors were noticeable that even ended up in sales, and today that is already past. Perfect products without any mistakes that are made at the right time is a feature of the new time and the new technique and technology. Welcome to the new era of production!


6. The environment will no longer be polluted as it was in the past – nature in the past was often hit by the production of any type. It was most affected by the production of plastics and plastic products. The old ways of production, the old and useless machines, but also the bad materials of production were to blame for that. Today, the picture is different because it invests in the improvement of machines, requires biodegradable materials, and applies methods that are effective and that are not harmful to the environment. The new time gives us new ways of production, and that suits the planet earth!

Do you like the direction of production and the technique of plastic production? Want to change something in your company too? This is the right time to change something and invest in technology that can bring you benefits from a production point of view, will reduce production costs, but will also help reduce nature pollution. It is a time of crisis, and the crisis is the perfect time to invest and modernize companies. It’s your turn, you are on the move!

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