Simple Guide for Salesforce Document Generation

Most people get confused when it comes to document generation in salesforce. Most of them try to install or buy applications that claim to help in salesforce document generation. However, before you take these steps, there are certain factors that you need to know.

In this article, we have tried to explain the factors that you should know before choosing a solution for your document generation to get your data in the most accurate manner.

What Is Document Generation?

As the name suggests, document generation enables you to automate the documentation process in salesforce. Using this process, you can create documents like PDF or HTML with the help of the data from different sources while following a particular template. There are many known Salesforce document generation apps like Sdocs and PDF Butler that help you smoothly export your data in the desired format.

The power to create documents through salesforce can help you to create a quote, enabling you to generate a complex report or staff schedule without any hassles.

The ease of access as well as the perks of always staying up-to-date is some of the major benefits of documentations. The ability to merge data from different salesforce objects, positioning them in the template, the chance to skip the manual errors, and the pace of creating some of the best looking documents are other major benefits that have won the hearts of the users over time.

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Document Template Design

This is the first step of a great salesforce document generation app. You have to make sure that everyone has access to the template designing tool.  In today’s world, there are an equal number of people who use Mac and Windows across the world. So, before making the template available to everyone, make sure it is compatible with both systems. Most modern document generation aps for salesforce are compatible with both the operation systems.

Using an online editor, which is based on HTML is perhaps the best way to enable this. While you can find MS-office based solutions easily, they will not help the Mac users in any way.

Editing abilities

Things get substantially easier if your application comes with an easy to handle document editor. This will make sure that you can create all the document-related changes just with a few clicks. Without such features, you will soon find yourself fiddling with the complicated features of salesforce to get the coveted results. Always keep in mind to check these small things when you are finding the right kind of document generation app.

A good editor tool will also enable you to drag and drop the dynamic field data of salesforce into the template. It will also help you define the sections of the documents, which other people can use freely.


Document Automation

The productivity of you and your organization can be enhanced substantially just by implementing the basic salesforce document generation functionality. However, you can use other applications to enrich the document experience of the users.

Some of the applications that are available in the market allow the implementation of a sophisticated workflow that can help you to automate other activities related to the documents.

Here are some of the examples of the features that you get through this.

  • The features of automatically selecting the images, alternative texts and tables depending on the recipients of the documents.
  • Adding attachments as separate documents while using simple selection options or automatic rules.
  • Managing different language variations of a single document.
  • Automating the approvals and circulations.
  • Making the e-signing service integration process seamless.

At a single glance, all of these might look a bit demanding. However, with the help of a good application, which helps you to automate the documentation, things can get surprisingly easy.

You can also manage all of these with the help of the document editor section of the application. These simple changes will help you to bring huge developments in productivity.

The Kind of Documents You Use?

The type of salesforce document generation application that you choose from the market largely depends on your requirements of document quality. The more complex your needs are, the more careful you should be about investigating the probable different options.

There are some popular applications available in the market that can help you to bring the required output data from the salesforce field, and customize those data into a complicated layout without facing many criticalities. Also, make sure to ask for a proof of concept to check whether the application can help you and how well the application can do it.

Source: Quora

Ways to Use the Document Generation

The document generations not only allow you to process the critical business documents but also allow you to design the outfit according to the identity of your brands.  That means with the help of the document generation application, you can easily fashion out the documents like business proposals and contracts while making sure that they reflect the identity of your brand perfectly.

While you might think that implementing the salesforce document generation application will be difficult, the reality is exactly the opposite to that. You just have to design the template with the help of the available sample templates while maintaining the guidelines of your organization. Once the template is ready, generating the document becomes easy. In this way, your users can create documents with just a few clicks.

With more and more smaller and bigger companies incorporating sales force in their system to manage their sales and get a better management platform, it becomes equally important for document generation apps to provide data in the most elite way. Before landing on one particular app, it is often recommended to research on finding the right tool for a one-time long term investment. You don’t want to keep switching between apps on a regular basis. For more information, browse online and check websites of different app generation software to find the right kind of features.

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