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6 Ways To Give Your Partner a Sensual Massage – 2024 Guide

Massages have been one of the best ways to be and feel relaxed. For centuries people have enjoyed the practice of having pressure applied to their bodies with the goal of relieving stress or pain. In modern times, massages are still somewhat of a luxury if you want a professional to perform it for you. For that, you can go to a spa establishment and book one of the many types of massages. Relax and sports massages are two of the most popular and common ones that customers ask for, but sensual massages are growing in popularity as well.

If you do not or cannot often go to such places and prefer doing this at home, you can. All you need in this case is a loving partner who loves you and cares enough for you to treat you to the relaxation you deserve. In the opposite case, you will be the one to provide a sensual massage to your significant other. In this article, we will tell you how to give your partner a great time while massaging them sensually.

If you are single, however, things become a bit more difficult. In this case, you can always get in touch with a professional service that allows you to pick the person to perform the massage for you. If this is something you want, make sure to click here and book one today.

1. Set the right mood


Before you start you have to make sure your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband is comfortable and completely relaxed, even before you touch them. To help you do this there are several things you can try. First of all, put on some relaxing tunes both of you enjoy. This largely has to do with the people in question. Not everyone feels the same with certain types of music, so whatever helps the two of you relax is an option. Next, light a few scented candles and let the aroma fill out the room. Of course, the temperature has to be high enough for you to be only in underwear, or completely naked to spice things up. Finally, make sure both of you are comfortable in your positions at all times, your partner while they are lying there and you while massaging them all over.

2. Take it easy on the thumbs


People usually rely heavily on the thumbs while massaging others. This is a good way to do things but only for a short and quick massage. For a sensual late-night session you will need more than your thumbs simply because they will become sore and start aching after mere minutes. And minutes are not enough to make things heat up and get the blood rushing. Instead, try using your knuckles and whole hands as well. Then you can stand up and rely on the weight of your body, especially the upper body and arm muscles. This will prolong the experience and make the whole thing much easier, stronger, deeper, and therefore more pleasurable.

3. Use oil


Massaging without oils is almost a completely different thing if we take into account how empty and lacking it feels when compared to oily massages. Oil allows your fingers and hands to run over your partner’s curves more smoothly. You will escape the stretching of the skin and make sure your moves are never too hard. Unpleasant friction can ruin the moment, which is why the oil is used to lube things up and make the transitions more pleasant. For special occasions, you can also massage your partner with your whole body by caressing and hugging them while both of you are oiled up. You can easily broaden bedroom fun with such an approach. Once you use the oil you will hardly ever go back to ordinary massages without it!

4. Focus on the right areas


For the most sensual massage of all, you have to focus on the erogenous zones of the body, which usually include the neck, inner thigs, shoulders, lower back, and hands. If you make sure to focus on these throughout the session, you will easily give your partner the sensuality you both want and get both them and yourself in the right mood. Make the experience as erotic as possible with the combination of oil and erogenous zones, and a simple massage can turn into some truly heated up foreplay.

5. The right supplies


Oil is not the only thing you will need if you mean to give your significant other a near-professional sensual pleasure. You do not need to spend a ton of money, but a few supplies are necessary for the right moment to happen. Relaxation tools like soft pillows and towels are a must, and they are great for turning a regular table or a bed into a massage table. As stated above, candles are amazing for the ambiance, and more than enough for the lighting. For the ultimate romance, fresh-cut flowers can give you the ultimate romantic vibe.

6. Full body experience


A hidden secret is to devote some time to every part of your partner’s body. While the erogenous zones are key for an erotic session and sensuality, other body features are also in need of relaxation if the whole body is to be elevated and relaxed. The feet are particularly important, and so are the areas behind the knees, and around the ankles and wrists. All of these are in constant use throughout the day, meaning they too need some time off and a chance to recharge and rest. The palms are important as well, especially for those who use their hands a lot for writing, typing, or some physical work. Lastly, massage the stomach and the area just below the navel for additional arousal and stimulation. Of course, oil is advised for all of these as well.

Conclusion and Takeaways

It really does not take much to give your partner what they truly deserve. It also does not take much to ask them for the same thing and provide everything they will need for it. Massages are so beneficial for our entire body that an average working adult should not go a couple of weeks without one, especially if they have a stressful job and family situation. Take good care of yourself and your partner and you will live a longer and happier life together!

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